3 Concealers Put To The Test

Heller! Welcome back to my blog, I’ve had these 3 different concealers for a few months and thought it would be great to compare them side by side with you guys! The first concealer I have is this Dollar Tree roller which has a serum to make your eye bags go away. The next concealer I bought is also from Dollar Tree, it’s from the brand LA Color. My most recent concealer is the NYX waterproof concealer!

Let’s get into it!


NYX $2.49

LA Color $1

Skin Nutritions New York Age Defying Dark Circle & Puffiness Treatment $1


NYX medium to full coverage, was very buildable and long lasting

LA Color light to medium coverage, long lasting, harder to blend compared to Nyx and Maybelline

Skin Nutritions New York Age Defying Dark Circle & Puffiness Treatment blends easy can be sticky if too much is applied, sinks into the skin well.

Full Makeup: How did these products work with a full face of makeup?



Product worked well with a full face of makeup. Under eyes looked very natural, not cakey and provided very nice full coverage. This product blends easily with my beauty blender. I didn’t have a problem mixing this concealer with my foundation. This product lasts 8-10 hours. Overall, 9/10.

LA Color


This product worked as well as you would think for a product that costs $1.When applying the product, I had to use a lot because the applicator only allowed small thin layers to be applied. The color and consistency were okay, but I would have preferred a thicker substance since the concealer was so thin. I wasn’t a big fan of the color since the color doesn’t match my skin shade. I had to blend a lot to make sure the concealer didn’t stick out as opposed to when I normally do with concealers that match my shade. Overall, 7/10.

Skin Nutritions New York Age Defying Dark Circle & Puffiness Treatment 


This product was different compared to the rest since it was a serum, but in the end, it works like a concealer so I’m comparing it with the other concealers. The product has to be massaged into your skin, but I have seen this tested out by another blogger and it worked well for them. My boyfriend’s sister also really liked like the product because she has puffiness. I think it’s okay and I’m going to start using it for my weekend makeup routine so I can finish up this product. The product helps remove your dark circles and puffiness, and I will say it did work. It didn’t have a smell to it or anything unlikeable. Overall, 8/10.


What’s your favorite concealer? Have you tried any of these products, if so what did you think?

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    1. Thank you! I’m really loving the NYX concealer right now, I’m still super curious about the tarte concealer so maybe after I use all all three concealers I have 😂 and save up a little bit I’ll splurge on that concealer!

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