How to make your home look more chic?

As we grow so does our style, I’m currently redecorating or I’m going to finish decorating my apartment. Now that I’ve graduated and my boyfriend and I are both working full-time we are in a different stage in our life. We want our taste to show we’ve grown up. So we are sorting, cleaning and reorganizing our apartment slowly. We should be done by the end of June. I say June because we are saving for small upgrades here and there. By that time we should have some money set aside to make some small upgrades.

Add woven baskets to hold blankets, in your home. We currently have cheap plastic baskets from Dollar Tree which are fine, but they are bent from being moved around often. Our living room would look nicer if the basket was a woven one. We use it to keep blankets since we’re constantly using them in our living room when watching TV and what not.

Honey Can Do Woven Storage Box with Hinged Lid, Espresso

Organize your wall art and have a common theme or color among everything. If you’re struggling don’t worry I am too. I have to redo all of our bedroom walls. I have an idea of what I’d like to do though. Be sure to check Pinterest out for some good ideas!



Have a theme. I think it’s best to start the theme off with color and ours is black. Our shelves are black and half of our furniture is black. We’ll have black and silver frames and our new decor will be in black as well.

Create open space, it gives the illusion of a bigger place, and you have way more room. We recently did this and we became even more in love with our home. Move things around and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

Organize organize organize, go and watch Marie Kondo if you haven’t already! Start with one small section of your home and do one section a day or week as long as you can fully dedicate yourself to fulfilling that commitment.

Less is more. Keep less in your home because it makes it easier to move around and when you move or travel. There’s less to clean up and your home will look less cluttered.


Thanks for reading, if you have any tips feel free to share! I’ll be sure to do a before and after post, once we’re complete.

6 thoughts on “How to make your home look more chic?

  1. My style changes so often with home decor, we just recently purchased a new sofa set because I had quickly gotten over the previous sofa we had. I love redoing my home and organizing!

    1. I’m slowly starting the process! I like redecorating too, it’s just hard putting everything together when I’m still saving to do it in the process.

    1. What theme are you going for? I really like open space like I mentioned, and I would use the same color frames for the walls and a similar layout for each room. Adding shelves always compliments a room nicely, along with flowers, small plants, and candles.

  2. Great tips. I am looking to redecorate some of my house now that we painted it, and these tips will help me find just the right things to add and change.

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