2019 Healthy Journey

Happy 6th day of March, yesterday was my first brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Hunter! Anyways I know I’ve MIA for 19 days according to my last blog post. Lol.

Three weeks ago, I was sick for about a week and I ended up admitting defeat and going to see a doctor. (FYI I’m stubborn as hell when it comes to going to the doctor). The doctor diagnosed it as bronchitis and then prescribed me antibiotics (z pack).  I still have the cough from bronchitis and it doesn’t help that the weather has been whackadoodle lately. It’ll be sunny one day and raining hard the next. Just last night there was a thunderstorm.

I can’t believe we’re in March, already it’s crazy this year is going by so fast! To date, I’ve lost 8-10lbs (I haven’t weighed myself for the week yet) in the past month and a half. I have been walking everyday 98% of the time and about 70% of the time I take two walks, but there’s been a lot of rain where I live lately so that hasn’t happened for a week-ish.

I’ve been eating smaller portions and less red meat. Now when I eat red meat my stomach reacts differently to it since I don’t eat it as often. I’m trying to eat at least one serving of vegetables a day. I’ve also been monitoring my water intake which has helped my skin!

Currently, I’m trying to eat less junk food which is going okay. I’m not going to buy any additional junk food which makes temptation easier. At work, I stick to pretty healthy snacks and I only drink water, tea and rarely coffee.

My goal is to lose 20lbs by the end of May if not the end of summer. I’m not in a rush because I’d rather lose the weight slowly and adapt to these lifestyle changes than do a crash diet and gain everything back in a week.

I’m going to start getting into HITT workouts and strength training which should help me lose more weight. I’ll still be going on walks because they’re already part of my exercise routine.

What’s motivating me?

The fact that I’m no longer in college and have more time to focus on my health compared to before. Although time can be an issue, I realized it’s always going to be an issue since I’ll always be working. This is my first year not in college and I plan to make the most out of it!

This is the year I’m going to prosper the most.

Let me know what your 2019 goal is!

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  1. My goals are eating healthier and getting more exercise. And to lose ten pounds. And to achieve even the smallest gains on my blog. Loved your post!

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