I Took My Dog To Work With Me

Happy Friday and Happy International’s Women Day! I hope you all are having a good Friday!

Loves when I hold him~

Yesterday I decided I was going to bring my almost 6-month-old puppy, Brody, to work with me. I’ve done it once before in January. I love my puppy and I love having him at work with me. It also means he gets a change of scenery which my boyfriend and I both want for him.

You’re probably wondering what does she do since it’s okay to bring her dog to work? Well, one of my bosses has a puppy who is 2-3 weeks older than mine and she’s been planning to bring her dog to work as well. To this day she hasn’t lol, but when the topic came up another coworker said I should bring my dog and she encouraged it. So that’s why it’s okay for me to bring my dog to my job.


The night before my boyfriend helped me prepare all of Brody’s things so it would be easy for me in the morning. We packed his meals in little Ziploc bags, put his toys in a bag and got his carrier out. In the morning after getting ready, I took Brody out to pee and then put him in the carrier and grabbed the rest of his stuff.

Day At The Office

When we got to the office I set up Brody’s food and of course, he pooped as soon as he got out. It was a rainy morning so he pooped in my office instead of earlier because we were getting rained on. I left him in my office while I went to throw away his poop in the restroom. Then he ran around my office and played with his baby. (It’s a stuffed animal of a puppy which he adores) He loves playing with my coworker and gets excited every time she comes in and out of our office lol

His puppy toy for reference.


Brody barked throughout the day when he heard someone walking near my office, which was less frequent compared to the first time he was here. During his first visit, he would bark every time he heard the hallway door open. I felt bad because I didn’t want to upset my coworkers, but most of them told me he wasn’t loud or bother at all. I didn’t receive any complaints.

He didn’t eat much in the office, but he did take naps. The last time he was here I brought his bed, but since then he’s ripped a portion of his bed. This time I just brought a blanket for him. I laid it down under my desk near my feet so he would be right next to me. I kept covering him since he was shivering, but every time I covered him up he would poke his little head out and get all excited. He also took a nap in my lap. He loved being held. I even took him with me to the front desk when I had to do something, and he behaved really well. He was very quiet and calm. He stayed in my arms and didn’t bark.

There’s a park right next to my workplace, so I took Brody for a walk during my lunch and he loved it! He met a few dogs and played with two bigger dogs. They had really nice owners who reassured me their dogs wouldn’t hurt Brody. Both of their dogs were rescues, and they enjoyed playing with Brody.

We walked two laps around one portion of the park and then we went back to the office. I brought Brody’s water bowl to him and he drank and ate on his own. He then calmed down a bit and played on his own. He was always watching me and wanting to sit on my lap.

Throughout the day he met a lot of new people, and I had to chase after him a few times because there’s a long hallway right outside my office. He loved running away and going into other people’s offices including my boss’s office. He didn’t destroy anything though.

This was from the first time he came to work with me, BUT this is the coworker he loves being near and playing with.

Towards the end of the day my coworker said, “You should let him run loose” and I told her I didn’t want him to go into anyone’s office getting us into trouble. The day was almost over so we closed all of the doors in the office and let Brody run back and forth. After a few laps, that’s when he pooped in the hallway. LOL, He continued to play until more people came into their offices which at that point, I brought him back to my office and didn’t let him roam around.

Playing with his toys.

When it was time to go home I picked him up and guided him to his carrier and he walked into his carrier more than happy. He was ready to go home.

End Result

We both had fun even though I had to chase him a few times. Lol. He was great and didn’t give me any attitude. He was very well behaved and he was loved at the office. There was only one person who didn’t like him, but he’s not a dog person so he doesn’t count. Right?!

I’m a good boy.
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