I got my first massage!

Have you ever gotten a massage? Yes? No? Thinking about it? Well, I just got my first one last Sunday and I’m here to tell you all about my experience.

What led me to get a massage?

As most of you know massages can be pricey, but they can also be super beneficial and a great way to relax. My massage was $20 for ONE HOUR!!! If you don’t relax often and aren’t used to getting pampered like me then it’ll be quite the experience for you as it was for me! Anyways I have back pain pretty often and it’s not severe, but moreso uncomfortable. My boyfriend pops my back for me regularly and it helps, but my back can still feel stiff and painful every now and then and the pain can last a while.

I know it’s a posture problem because I don’t sit up straight at work and I’ve had an office job for almost a year. So there’s that with the combination of the neck pain. I pop my neck often, but there are times where my neck will be super stiff and I can’t do anything to get rid of the pain.

I was talking to my friend and she told me we should go and get massages because she went to a place over the weekend. (This was like a month ago or so) and she said she got a foot, back and neck massage for $20 and it was an hour! We made plans to go at the end of Marchish.

What made me go?

Last week my back was a little stiff, but specifically on the weekend my back and neck were pretty stiff so I made up my mind and decided I wanted to go and try getting a massage to see if it would help?

How was the massage?

I waited for about 10 minutes and then an older gentleman (My masseuse) came and started setting stuff up at the bed I was at. He started with massaging my head, my temples, my neck and then my arms, and hands. The lotion he used smelled like cucumber and it smelled really good.

After that, he massaged my feet and legs and that was amazing. I really enjoyed my foot massage. He used a nice hot oil and my feet felt AMAZING after! After that, I went to a private massage room where I was going to get my back massaged. For my back massage, he used hot oil, a hot towel, hot stones and then he really did a deep tissue massage because he got all of the knots out of my back. I felt like a new person after because my back and neck weren’t sore at all.

There were a few instances that were strange like the gentleman was breathing heavy at times. I think he was tired, but also he was well into his late 50’s or 60’s so that might have just been normal for him. I thought it was weird, but I didn’t think too much of it.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed my massage, although it could’ve been better with a little more communication as to what’s going on. I didn’t get many explanations and the employees weren’t fluent in English. The quality of my massage was good so it wasn’t too big of a deal for me. Later in the night, my back started to get sore, but it’s been 3 days now and that pain is almost all gone. I think it was due to the hot stones. By Saturday at the latest all of the pain should be gone. I’m happy to say my back hasn’t needed to be popped or massaged again since. I think getting a massage once a month or every other month would be worth it. It definitely helped me, now I’m just going to see how long this relief will last.

Have you gotten a massage?

What was your experience like?

Should I write a “What to know before getting a massage?” post

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4 thoughts on “I got my first massage!

  1. There’s a $20 massage place that I used to frequent nearby which gave a decent massage. I loved going there! You didn’t get a private room, but it was over clothes and they would just move your clothes around and I never felt exposed.

    The thing is that my back has gotten worse over time – not because of them, it’s just the office job and my overall deteriorating posture, so I’ve had to go to more expensive places that are more knowledgeable about targeting specific problems.

    Although, I’m thinking of seeing a chiropractor as well…. I feeel like some good cracking could be useful.

    1. I also plan to see a chiropractor in the future, my posture is an issue. I also have back problems where my back just hurts sometimes so I think getting it adjusted would definitely help. I really liked my first massage, it was so worth the $20. Plus it was just a good way to treat yo’ self.

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