Brody got worms!

It’s been 2 weeks since we first noticed that Brody got worms. We were watching Avatar The Last Airbender, and noticed that Brody had something sticking out of his butt. My boyfriend looked and saw it too and he removed it. Turns out it was a worm that was still alive!!!

It looked like a small piece of rice. We were both worried, so we then immediately called a vet hospital to see how serious it is. The person on dispatch informed us if Brody still had energy and was eating then it wasn’t too severe and we wouldn’t need to go to the emergency room immediately.

We learned a little bit more about worms that night and decided we would see the Vet first thing in the morning. We went to bed (late) and got up at 7 am the next morning, got ready and drove straight to the vet. On our way there we called to see if we could make an appointment because walk-ins weren’t mentioned.  The vet asked for a stool sample, but we couldn’t guarantee one because Brody hadn’t eaten yet and he was eating less.

The receptionist said they don’t take walk-ins and she could “squeeze us in, but there would be a wait time.” She also let us know if we were able to get a stool sample, then we could come back and drop it off so they could examine it. With the sample they would be able to discover what type of worm he has and how severe it was.

We decided if we could get a stool sample, then we would go and drop it off at the vet. If we weren’t able to get a stool sample then we would just make an appointment the following week.

We called a friend to ask for advice since this is our first dog, and she’s had a few dogs. She recommended that we go to a local place where she’s gone to get a 3 in 1 Dewormer which worked for her dog at the time. So we did that and agreed if we didn’t see any changes by the middle of the week we would go to the Vet.

Thankfully by the third day, Brody started to get better. He wasn’t eating much and that was pretty worrisome. It’s been 2 weeks since and he eats way more compared to back then. He’s very active running around our home all day when we’re home and he loves his walks.


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