What I wish I knew before having a Dog

First off, I LOVE my dog and if I had known I was going to get a dog then I would have followed through with all of my advice. Alas, I had no idea that I was going to be a dog owner (My dog was a surprise). Oh well now I can help all of you. 🙂


Before looking for dogs on Facebook, pet stores and etc. check your local Animal Shelter because there are SOOOO many animals that need a home. Most of them are trained and would love nothing but a home. You would be helping solve the problem of puppy mills and animals being put down simply because there’s not enough room in the shelter.

Side Note: I plan on adopting a dog in the future. There’s so many cute dogs including Huskies at my local animal shelter and I can’t wait to take one home so I can give them the best home.


I would start putting money away so you don’t get hit all at once with the expenses of your dog. I would have a budget of $300 for vaccinations and extra money in case your dog ends up sick or plans change for whatever reason.

Vaccinations are the most costly, while everything else you can find for a bargain price. I would look around in your town to see if there’s a vet that offers discounted prices. There’s one in my city, the only catch was they had limited days and hours to offer the service. The vaccinations shots came out to $13 each at that place and at your typical vet it would cost on average around $50-$80/vaccination.


Since my boyfriend and I got our dog last minute we didn’t have anything planned. If we had known we would have already bought food for Brody ahead of time. With that being said we also wish we had known how much their food matters. It’s important to check the labels to get the right food. Also make sure you can afford it because later our dog was having digestive problems and it came back to his food. So our vet recommended Hills Science Diet which is expensive AF. I would recommend the brand Blue Nourish and getting your dog a less processed kibble or go with wet food because it can be healthier for your dog.


You don’t need to buy every single cute toy you see. Trust me, I’ve learned by making the mistake myself. LOL. But like how could I not buy every toy I saw at the Dollar Tree because my little baby boy deserves the whole world. The more toys they have the more bored they can get because they have too many options. I would have no more than 4 toys at most. I would also keep them in high spot because our dog has learned to take out all of his toys and then make a mess. Eventually the toys will get torn up and then you’ll be able to buy more without losing space. I would highly recommend getting toys at your local Dollar Tree or 99 cents store if not then a Marshalls or TJMaxx. My dog has like 10 toys, plus our shoes.

Necessary Items You Should Save Up For

  • Puppy Gate
  • Kennel
  • Dog Bowls (Tip: Get heavy bowls so your dog can’t move the bowls while eating resulting in a spill)
  • Dog blanket (Tip: Walmart has some fleece blankets for $5 or less which have a perfect dog theme)
  • Dog bed (Tip: Get one that you will think will last in terms of size and quality; don’t spend too much. Our dog ended up ripping his bed up.)
  • 2-3 leashes (Tip: Keep one in the car, your home, and in his carrier or at home as a backup)
  • Dog Carrier or Dog Car Seat (Walmart for the carrier, Amazon for the car seat)
  • Potty pads (Get cheap ones in case your dog doesn’t like them, also more cost efficient)
  • Cleaners to get out accident stains your puppy will make when going to the bathroom (Invest in 2 you’ll need them)

Puppy Proof Your Home

It’s so important you take a few days up to a week to puppy proof your home. Make sure your cables, wires, and cords are tucked away or placed securely so your new puppy can’t get to them. We’ve gone through 4 Ethernet cords before my boyfriend solved the problem. Be mindful of where you place your current phone chargers and computer chargers. We had to replace a Macbook charger which was upsetting.

Also place potty pads strategically and monitor your puppy often to prevent accidents. Create a space where their kennel (if needed) would be. Create a space for all of their things such as food, toys, potty pads, shampoo, blankets, bed and etc.

Good luck with your doggie!!!

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3 thoughts on “What I wish I knew before having a Dog

  1. Yes, totally agree, saving up is a must as there are so many expenses you don’t think of right away. I adopted mine from a foster home and another from a rescue group.
    ♥ Mae

      1. Luckily I found a vet that does a pet insurance so I just pay a monthly bill that covers heart warmers, vaccines, appointments, and dental. So that helps a lot.

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