What’s it like to work in a modern company?

We’ve all been at a job and thought, “I wish I could dye my hair blue and not get fired or get a warning” or “Man I wish I didn’t have to hide my tattoos or piercings at work” well welcome to the modern day company where you don’t have to worry about any of that affecting your job and work ethic!

Is your mind blown yet? If it isn’t keep reading and you’ll be blown away. I recently started working in a new tech-finance company and I’ve noticed just how modern this company really is and how it lines up with more of millennials’ idealized workplace.

For instance, the women to men ratio isn’t equal but there’s more women! I was more surprised than anything, but I will attest that that the ratio I’m referring to only complies with the departments I’ve been able to interact with. To go along with this, there were also more women in the position of team leads and supervisors from the departments I’ve been able to work with.

During my first couple of days I also noticed most employees were able to show their nose piercings, tattoos and hair that was dyed an unnatural color. There were no problems with management. Everyone was dressed business casual and reported for work as employees would any other company.

I thought this was so different and new and I wished it was more common because I’ve been working at this company for almost a month now and everyone gets along great! I’ve always thought people should be judged on their work history and how they present themselves in a professional setting,  but I also love the fact that people aren’t only judged on their professional appearance. My opinion also differs based on industry, but that is my main point. I’m all for keeping a professional appearance, but I don’t think having your hair dyed or getting a nose piercing or ear piercing (the industrial bar) should make you disqualified for a job position. I think as long you keep your professional attitude and appearance meaning keeping your tattoos hidden most of the time and having your piercing like a nose piercing closed during work than you should be hired for a position you’re qualified for. I’m all for people having tattoos and piercings and showing them on days like “casual Fridays” while keeping a professional appearance during the week.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

Would you like to work in a modern day company like this?

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2 thoughts on “What’s it like to work in a modern company?

  1. Sounds really nice. I am happy people finally started judging you for your abilities not your look. It is a great step forward and I hope more companies can grow this mindset. 💗

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