New Outfit: White Floral Dress

This year I have been trying to branch out of my comfort zone and try new styles to upgrade and experiment with my fashion sense. Luckily, I had a chance to actually try something out of my comfort zone. I needed a new outfit for a family event and decided to check out Ross, and I ended up finding a great dress that was in a different style than I’m used to.

First off the color, the dress is White, and has flowers all over it. The style of the dress is mid sleeve (Unless there’s another word to describe it) and it stops right above my knees. It’s a very flow-y dress and thin perfect for spring and summer.




First impression

When I tried on the dress at home I was really surprised at how well it looked! It was flattering and the only thing that didn’t work with the dress was that it didn’t fit with the style that it was meant to fit as. Originally this dress has a fold where it is supposed to button over your chest, but my chest is too big for the dress to actually button up.

At the occasion, I learned that the dress was actually a little sheer when I was checking my dress as I was leaving the restroom. Thankfully I don’t think anyone saw anything…I hope anyway.

How is this dress different?

Typically I wear black dresses, most of the dresses I own are black. Not because I really choose that color, but for the main purpose that black is the main color I can find dresses in my size. Every time I try to find dresses in another color, they’re never in my size or they’re out of my price range! This was a great find because I bought it for $5.99 and it was on clearance.

This dress does have a small loop meant for a skinny belt which it didn’t come with, but it didn’t seem to be missing anything since the color and design makes such a statement on it’s own!

How to wear this dress?

I plan on wearing this dress with beige and tan ankle boots, and sandals. I think dainty and simple jewelry would compliment it as well. As for a purse any purse, since I think the pop of color helps add to the outfit.

What do you think of this dress? What would you wear with this dress?

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