New Outfit: Black Floral Romper

Going along with this new series, here’s the next outfit I bought that also was different from what I usually wear. I know I know it’s black, BUT it’s a floral romper and not your typical romper either. The sleeves really make it stand out and it has a small opening near the chest which is something I’ve never worn before.


First Impression

I bought this at Ross again, it was $10 and a great find! It fit well and was great for a party I went too. I’m also super excited to wear this for a future date night with my boyfriend! I dressed this outfit down for the party since I had already attended a family event earlier in the day and I wanted to be comfortable. That’s why I paired it with sandals.

When I first tried it on, it fit really well. I was concerned about the opening in the chest, but I paired it with a black tank top which complimented it really well! The romper was quite comfortable, for getting up and moving around pretty often during the party.

How it this outfit different from my normal style?

First off, I don’t wear rompers. I’ve bought a few in the past, but overtime I just moved away from them since they didn’t seem as flattering for my body shape. I think this one flattered my body type more. I also liked the long sleeves, since all of my past rompers were spaghetti straps or short sleeved. The material wasn’t cotton which made it more breathable and perfect summer! The design is what drew me to this romper because it felt more mature and I’m trying to achieve a more mature look.

How to wear this romper?

I would pair this with my black wedges! I think an updo would be better suited since I could show off my neck line of the dress. I would have very minimal accessories since the dress has gives off enough on it’s own in my opinion.

What do you think of this romper? What would you wear with this outfit?

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