New Outfit: Blue Floral Maxi Dress

Hello, still continuing branching out from my comfort zone and trying out new styles to expand my fashion sense. With this outfit I found it when I was looking for a graduation dress and this color is something totally different that I would never normally wear.

I ended up wearing this dress to a graduation party, because it was more of a floral and summer-y dress compared to a formal dress for my graduation. I loved the dress at the graduation, and loved wearing it. I think if I lost a couple pounds then I would have been more comfortable and less nervous about a button popping open during the party. (Which did happen, thank god for safety pins)


I paired this dress with black wedges because I wanted to feel taller and also it made the look a little more mature. This dress also goes well with sandals which I ended up wearing most of the night since I didn’t wanna help setup the party in wedges.

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