Summer Accomplishments

The weather is starting to cool down, well not by much here in Cali. Fall is around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.  . I’m officially counting down the days to fall. I love fall, the weather, the colors, my birthday, and Halloween of course. With that being said summer isn’t over yet, but it sure does feel like it now that my brother isn’t with me anymore. He went back to school to start the 3rd grade and man am I jealous because I wish I could be that age again. We have about a month left before summer is officially over so I thought I would share my summer accomplishments.

  1. I got a tan and I have my baby brother to thank for that because he wanted to go to swimming EVERY SINGLE DAY. We both got tan and he enjoyed learning how to swim. He’s not fully there yet, but he’s further than I am and that says a lot.
  2. I have been making healthier choices when it comes to my diet. I might not see a difference but I know that’s mainly because I’ve been slacking off with my workouts. I will get back into working out in my own time. I drink teas instead of coffee. I have fruit for sugar instead of sweets. I eat out less and have smaller portions or don’t eat afterwards since that was already a lot. I think my portion control has gotten a lot better.
  3. I’ve been journaling more which helps give me time to reflect on my own life and personal struggles. It’s been difficult to keep up with up with, but I’ve been pretty consistent. It allows me to release all of my emotions to one place and to validate my emotions to myself and allow myself to breathe after.
  4. I watch less television and spend less time on my phone. That’s mostly due to the fact that I’m exhausted after work and would rather clean my home then lounge around doing nothing. I save all of that fun for the weekend and am pretty focused on trying to take care of myself more.
  5. I’ve been getting better with keeping up with my family. I try to stay in touch with my loved ones so I always feel connected. This has really come to my attention because I recently found out my grandmother had an accident and was in the hospital. I wouldn’t have known had I not called my cousin.
  6. I’m getting back into reading and trying to meet my goal of reading 12 books by the end of the year. Man, back when I was in school I was always one of the top students who had read the most books and earned the most points. I’m trying to get back to that status. I just ordered 3 books and I’m so excited for them which also means book reviews will be coming soon.

That’s all I’ve accomplished so far, and I’m pretty proud of it. There’s so many more things I want to accomplish but I know I’ll get there in time.

What have you accomplished this summer?

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One thought on “Summer Accomplishments

  1. I’ve been watching less TV, too. We’re fixing up our kitchen and I finally moved a dining set in there. There’s no TV in the kitchen so we play jazz music on Alexa and chat with each other. It feels different. More relaxed and more like we are home.

    I’m trying to be more conscious about my food choices and learning to control my hanger/cravings. It’s a process and I actually gained weight, but I’ve learned to accept that it ebbs and flows.

    And I can’t wait for autumn! And halloween!

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