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img_8155I’ve recently been trying out this whitening kit and I’m happy to share my results with you! My previous experiences with whitening my teeth at home include whitening tooth paste such as Colgate and Crest. I’ve also used Crest and Colgate’s whitening strips and I didn’t have much luck. I’ve also tried natural remedies such as adding baking soda on top of your toothpaste when brushing your teeth. That gave me some results, but this whitening kit has given me the BEST results by far!

As you may know I have tried out Smile Brilliant’s toothbrush which if you haven’t you can read here. 

They reached out to me and wanted me to try their whitening kit, to which I happily said yes! 

What comes in the whitening kit?

  •  2 trays 
  •  3 sets of Catalyst (clay to make your whitening trays)
  •  6 tubes of whitening gel
  •  2 tubes of desensitizing gel
  •  Postage envelope 
  •  Consent card 

How does it work? 

   This is the process:

  1. You will mix the catalysts together a white one and blue one until the clay is all blue.
  2. Then you’ll form them to fit into your whitening trays. 
  3. Place them into your mouth for your top teeth and then bottom or vice versa. 
  4. Leave them in your mouth for about 3-4 minutes. (The instructions say 2 minutes, but if you leave them in longer it insures that the clay created your impression correctly)
  5. Repeat the process to have 2 impressions that fit into your whitening trays.
  6. Send your impressions in the trays back to Smile Brilliant so they can create your actual whitening trays. 
  7. Apply ⅓ of the whitening gel onto each of your whitening trays and place them into your mouth for 1-3 hours. (You don’t get full results until the 7th session) img_8150.jpgimg_8149.jpg
  8. Rinse off your trays and then apply ⅓ of the desensitizing gel to your trays and place your trays back into your mouth for about 20 minutes. 
  9. Brush your teeth normally and go to bed. 
  10. Repeat the process 7-10 times and then you’ll see the finished RESULTS!


My Experience

Here are my before and after photos!

smile direct before pictureSmile Direct After picture

Let me first start off by saying the customer service I received was ABOVE AND BEYOND!!!!!!!! I have never felt more taken care of then with the people I spoke to from Smile Brilliant such as Emma. I say that because I was having issues creating my impressions and I didn’t understand why. I was following all of the steps, but for some reason my impressions were not coming out as acceptable as they should have been. I had to redo my impressions 3 times and I was never once turned away. Each time I spoke with someone from Smile Brilliant they were always helping me and assisting me making sure everything was taken care of so I could continue their teeth whitening process. After some tips I learned to make sure my catalyst (clay) was mixed thoroughly and then to leave it on an extra minute or so to get a solid impression which is why I let you guys know before even starting. It’ll save you time and stress. Once the impressions were in everything else was easy. 

The hardest thing after that was making time to whiten my teeth before bed since I like talking and eating. Lol. It didn’t feel long once I was reading a book or relaxing. Making the time however was more difficult. I found that doing it on the weekends worked best for me since I had more free time in my schedule. The whitening gel does feel uncomfortable the longer you leave it on. Once I remove the trays my teeth felt so much better. I did experience a little sensitivity, but I applied vaseline to my gums before applying the whitening gel and that helped. After I went to bed, my teeth felt normal the next morning. There was no more sensitivity. I would recommend whitening your teeth maybe 1-2 a week since it is a process and to slow things down in case you do experience sensitivity with the process or in general. I would also advise informing your dentist before starting the process just to make sure your health is safe. 

Pros  Cons
Fast results (7 days) Gel can be uncomfortable 
Affordable; makes your money last longer When removing the trays it can hurt a little bit  your teeth the longer you have it on 
Whitening gel lasts long Does take 7 sessions (7 days)
The trays are reusable for the future


Would I recommend this product?

Yes I would, I think it works well and I think despite a little pain the pay-off is completely worth it! 

Will I continue to still use this after this sponsorship?

Yes! In fact, to this day, I still use my toothbrush from smile brilliant and I plan to keep using the whitening strips after I finish up the whitening gel I have and continue to use it once or twice a year with caution since my teeth are sensitive. 

Would I personally buy this product now after trying it for myself or as a gift?

Yes, I would personally buy this as a gift because the kit is priced fairly well. I know that if you look at it you might be thinking $139-$169 is quite pricey, but the whitening gel is good for months! One tube of whitening gel is equivalent to 3 sessions of whitening. You can literally use this for most of the year and for a little over $100. 

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This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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