Apartment Hunting Tips

I got my first apartment last summer and I wish someone had given me tips. Since summer is coming up in a few months and some of you might be moving or planning to move soon, here are some tips that will help. Apartment hunting is stressful, hopefully these tips will prevent your search taking too long.

  1. First tip start early, at least 3 months before you plan on actually moving. I recommend 6 months just to be safe and to have an idea of where to apply to as soon as places start taking applications.
  2. Start looking up apartment complex’s that interest you and their prices, so you can have money saved up for a few months rent.
  3. Call places and ask about what utilities you will be responsible for and what benefits you will get.
  4. Make a list of 10-20 places and list all the pros, cons, and prices. Be open to making compromises in the end to get a place to live. It might not be your first choice, but you can always move up after you get your first apartment! Don’t feel discouraged.
  5. Pick 3 places max to apply too and have a co-signer ready just in case. Have application fees ready. Try to look for places that are under the same property manager that way if your application goes through then you can just pick another place to apply too in case plans fail. It’ll be easier to get accepted that way.
  6. Check craigslist, zillow, apartments.com, and of a google search!
  7. Put some money aside for moving expenses such as, a moving truck, furniture and groceries and household items.
  8. Once you get a move-in date set, call the internet provider you prefer to set up a date and call your local electrician company so you’ll have electricity on your move-in day.
  9. Make sure you know how all of your appliances work in your apartment! I didn’t know that the fan on my air conditioner was running for the first 3-4 months which increased our electricity bill significantly.
  10. Be sure to get renter’s insurance ASAP you never know what could happen, and it’s affordable. About $200 a year maximum or $20 a month.
  11. Have all documents kept in a folder, binder, or accordion folder. Keep all of your rent receipts, paychecks, and utility bills in one location. Have copies in a safe place.

How long did it take you to get your first place on your own? If you wanna leave any tips to help others that would be awesome!


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