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Hey guys! Happy New Year. I am looking forward to this wonderful year and the goals that we will all achieve. The weather here in the valley of California has been moody. Some days nice and sunny, on others like today, it has been gloomy. I like gloomy days and LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain.

What is my skin type? I have fairly normal skin, not oily, not dry, except for sometimes now because of the new makeup products I’ve been using and the weather. I should be using lotion more, but I haven’t got around to it yet since I’m enjoying my winter break at home. I do have sensitive skin though so I tend to use very organic products and hypoallergenic. The products I use are always very very affordable because girl I am not in the place to spend $100 on a product. I am a sucker for good smelling products. I use face masks and pore strips every now and then just when I feel like I need them.

My current routine starts with:

  1. I wash my face every morning
  2. Apply lotion as needed

At the end of the day…

  1. If I had heavy makeup I dip a cotton ball into my coconut oil and apply it to my face removing all of it. If not then I immediately wash my face
  2. Use a mac makeup remover to help remove the access
  3. Wash my face after
  4. Then use a toner by Pixi

The result of using all of these products has been working really well. I just discovered some acne near my hairline and that was probably causing my hair since it’s gotten longer. I have been staying away from sugar so there should be improvement coming from that soon. It’s been about a month since incorporating this skincare routine.

That is my skin care routine. If you know of any good products share them below! Or if you have any other tips comment below!

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