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Before the hate begins because Iphones are “overrated” and “expensive” let me just add I just switched over to Apple products last November. I’ve had Android phones for most of my life and recently bought my boyfriend’s Iphone 6 Plus because my phone’s memory sucked and my phone was really laggy. I had the Galaxy Grand Prime.

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Why I Needed A New Phone?

My boyfriend’s Iphone 6 Plus was 4 years old and it still works, but I’ve dropped it twice on accident of course and half of the screen came off and now the whole screen can pop off. So yeah I needed a new phone, to say the least. I was planning to wait until September for the newest Apple phone so I could have more of a selection, and save up for the purchase but things happen. My phone had problems when I bought it, but they were minor. So I paid to have a new battery installed because it would have problems charging. Then the speaker had been having problems for over a year, which seems normal since the phone is over 3 years old. Then after 3 months of having my new Iphone 6 plus (new to me), my front camera stopped working. I believe the front camera had something to do with the network I was on because my service was super slow compared to when my boyfriend had the phone before me. After I dropped my phone the first time, it would restart on its own whenever it wanted too. Then after the second drop, it wouldn’t stay closed, the screen would always pop off.


What I Enjoyed About My Iphone?

Let’s start with battery life, which is UNBELIEVABLY amazing. My 100% lasts a good 30 minutes I wanna say before going to 99%. The phone charges insanely fast too, the work they’ve done with the battery is incredible. I can use my phone plenty at work to get in touch with my boss and go on social media and blog and it won’t reach 50% and that’s without charging it in an 8-hour time frame. If my phone is at 95% before I go to bed and I don’t charge if I wake up to my phone at 95%. My phone will then last me the whole day because the battery is just that awesome.

Secondly, storage capacity is the next best feature because you don’t ever run out of storage only ICloud storage. The ICloud storage can be purchased, but it’s just a ploy to make more money off of you because you don’t need it. If you print your pictures or save them on social media then you’re fine and if you don’t well you should because you can’t expect to have your phone forever. I still have 46% of my storage available and that’s with 20 good sized apps, over 1,000 pictures and records of messages and what not. The storage on my previous Android phones is NOTHING compared to an Iphone. On my previous Androids, my HTC and my Galaxy Grand Prime, I had 8GB with a memory card but even then I wasn’t able to move everything on to my memory card.  The storage percent I gave is from my old Iphone 6 plus, with my Iphone X it’s much less.

The camera which is what drew the most attention to people because the quality is much closer to a professional camera. The picture quality is beyond amazing, and it feels as if you’re looking at the person right in front of you. If you take a picture of a loved one as we did after my boyfriend first got his phone the picture was insanely accurate. You could see all of his mom’s features in the picture down to the smallest features.

The Oled screen is pretty awesome as well, before with my Android phones and even with my old Iphone 6 Plus I would love to lower my brightness to save my battery life and so it wasn’t too bright where it hurt my eyes. After having the Iphone X for 2 days I realized I couldn’t lower the brightness anymore because for one the battery life was amazing so I didn’t need to for that. The main reason I can’t lower my brightness on my phone anymore is that with the Oled screen I don’t need to adjust the brightness to fit my eyes, it was adjusted so now I like the brightness raised fairly above the middle so I can see everything. Before even with the brightness turned down most of the way I was able to see everything on the screen with my old Iphone and my previous Androids, however with this one the picture quality is much better so I don’t need to adjust anything.  (I’m also just going to note, I’ve never been able to stand bright lights, and even the sun when it’s incredibly bright. I usually stare in another direction which is most times down or else I get a headache.)

What I Didn’t Like About My Iphone?

IMessage was cool yet annoying. At first, I thought IMessage was super cool, especially after finding out about the cool features it has when sending messages. I didn’t like was the fact I had to have my data on all the time, because on my old plan I only had 6GB of fast data, and then my speed would be reduced for the remainder of the month although my data plan was unlimited. Having my data on all the time was nerve-wracking because it would make my phone overheat and then all of my fast data would be used up. Now that I have a new and more reliable service I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I also found a feature for IMessage where if you’re in an area and you don’t have access to the internet you’ll still receive your text messages just not in the “Imessage format.” I like having that feature on. To this day I still turn my data off if I’m not using it, because why waste it right? I don’t see the point of having my data on in the background 24/7 I know for a fact that messes up your phone because it’s always running. I like to turn my data off and disconnect the wifi before I go to bed.

With the way the phone is set up, Apple wants to promote Apple Pay, which is cool and fine except when it keeps reminding you to do it in the beginning. Once I declined the feature, of course, my notifications for it stopped. Nonetheless, if I’m using an app that has in-app purchases my phone will ask me to pay with Apple Pay which can be a little annoying. It doesn’t really bother me anymore because I don’t have any payment method listed, but I still think it’s an annoying feature that’s just me though. Others like my boyfriend don’t think anything of it besides the fact that it’s convenient and handy. I, however, am very skeptical of apps and the information they gather which is why I like reading what they have access to before installing it on my phone.

Why I Chose The Iphone X?

I had my heart set on the Red Iphone 8 Plus since I saw it, but once I actually had to buy the phone I started to question my decision. My boyfriend bought the Iphone X when preorders were available which is why I was able to buy his Iphone 6 Plus. The red was beautiful, but the home button felt weird Apple changed it specifically for the Iphone 8. The phone was also thinner which was weird. I liked it’s size weight and height wise, but it felt strange compared to my Iphone 6 plus. Since the Iphone X was better camera wise and without the home button, I decided to save myself the upgrade. I did, however, end up getting a Red Iphone 8 plus for free because of the BOGO deal AT&T had which was cool.


I was so set on getting the Iphone X in WHITE, I don’t care what anyone says it’s CLEARY WHITE. I have no idea where silver came from except for the fact the outer layer of the phone is silver. I love the color of my phone. The fact that everything works is amazing, (well duh it’s new it’s supposed to work) but still after having a decent phone for the past few months it feels great to have a BADASS phone!


Was it worth the cost? I still think Iphones are overpriced as well, but I think all the “high-end cellphones” these days are all way overpriced to be fair. For someone who has never had an Iphone, you’re probably thinking “Did you get your money worth?” Definitely! My Iphone X is going to last me at least 3 years probably 4 since my main priority will be work. I mean I’ll be getting plenty of use out of it with blogging, and even more so with my job and trying to grow my career. If you break down the cost by month for one year the cost comes out to approx. $91 a month, now add 3 years and divide that you get $30.5 now if you use your phone for a million things as we all do and you keep the phone for at least 2 years I think it’s worth the cost. Sure, $1100 sounds expensive but it depends on how you want to look at it. As you’re answering that it comes down to the fact of your personal relationship with money.


With the home button being removed recently for this phone specifically I’ll be honest I didn’t like at first, but after having to deal with my Iphone 6 plus which was a mess I love not having the home button.

Face Recognition is so cool, I was also hesitant for this feature, but I also worry about my own security. With this feature, I feel a lot more secure knowing no one can access my phone especially since I have a nosy, punk of a teenage brother who likes to hotspot my data when I’m sleeping. So yeah, face recognition is a dream.

Siri is cool, but I don’t use him much because I forget Siri works on my phone. With my last phone having speaker problems, Siri had never worked in the past. I do like using Siri though it’s fast, fairly reliable and easy. I like the Australian accent just in case you were wondering.

Since having my phone for 2 weeks now I did accidentally spill water on it just a few drops though and luckily the phone is water resistant with up to 3 feet of water. I’m not one to test out the 3 feet disclaimer, but I believe it.

The speaker on this phone is a GODSEND, I love listening to music on my phone. The speaker is wonderful and the sound quality is great. My speaker is as loud as my Macbook’s speaker, so Apple did some wonders with the hardware.

Now the last quality I want to mention is the speed which I’m not sure if it’s because of the service I have, but the phone speed is super duper fast! I click one thing and it’s there instantly. I’m pretty sure it’s the phone because I have used an Iphone X in the past for a course project.

Final Thoughts

Once you own an Iphone though, you’ll see the difference and you’ll be able to determine the worth of the product for yourself. I personally love my phone and don’t mind paying for it because I’ve never been able to afford something this expensive before. My phone is the most expensive thing I’ve bought to date and I’m pretty proud of it because I deserve nice things and I’m going to treasure this phone for the next few years. I’m also a low maintenance girl, as long as I can have all the simple functions but the best quality on the market I’m happy. When I say low maintenance I mean I would have been fine with another Iphone 6 as long as it was in good quality, but since I was able to afford the newest one I thought why not? I honestly never splurge on things for myself, so this was a huge splurge!

4 thoughts on “Iphone X Review

  1. I have an iphone 6 and it’s starting to go slow now. I’m decided what to do once the new iphones come out in September. I don’t really like that the Iphone X does’t have a button, because it’s just one more thing that can go wrong later on, but that’s just me. I was thinking of probably getting an Iphone 8 because it’s still a huge upgrade from the 6 to the 8. I guess we’ll have to see what happens in September! Who knows, maybe I’ll end up switching to Android again! Great review Deanna xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    1. Thanks Melina! Honestly once you touch the button on the 8 you won’t want it. It doesn’t click the one does the 6. It’s just like a fingerprint touch and that’s it. The bar feature of the is so much better! It runs super smooth and I haven’t experienced any problems since November when my boyfriend bought his IPhone X which is the one shown in space gray.

  2. Thanks for this review. I do agree that when paying for items such as this it depends on the individuals perspective and preference. NIce price/cost breakdown too.

    1. Thank you so much! I think the breakdown makes it more reasonable but it does depend on the individual’s financial situation.

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