Review: Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation

Hey guys, it’s been a busy few days adjusting to my new schedule so here we are again with my new beauty reviews. I’ve been a fan of Rimmel since I was in high school. I bought a Rimmel foundation to use for my prom and I chose it because it was affordable, matched my skin tone and looked lightweight.



I’ve tried 2 of Rimmel’s foundations including the one in the title. I’ve used this foundation for the about a year. This foundation has SPF 20 and smells really good. The smell is a combination of sunscreen and a nice lotion.



The foundation’s consistency is a little thick, but it doesn’t make you look cakey. It provides full coverage and is under $6. I’ve had this foundation for a year and I still had a third of the bottle and I wore my foundation at least a few times a week. I used to use it every day, but then I started working so I stopped wearing it to work.

How does it feel

I liked how it felt when I first bought it, but after a while, it started to feel too thick. I prefer very thin and lightweight liquid foundation so I can just use it minimally. I liked that it felt lighter as the day went on, but still looked the same as when I first applied it. It has great 8-hour coverage. I very rarely wear makeup for longer than 8 hours, but I’m sure it could last 10 hours.

Final Thoughts

I really liked this foundation for the first 6 months or so, but then as it was getting closer to summer I didn’t like it as much because it felt heavier after applying it. I think this foundation is better for use in the winter. That’s when the thick layer won’t feel heavy and the coverage will be amazing. I did appreciate the SPF that was included in the formula because I don’t apply lotion unless my skin really needs it and I don’t use primer so it was a great feature of the foundation.

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    1. Awesome I was a big fan until I found another foundation which I’ll be reviewing tonight! 💖 thank you for reading

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