The New Era of Ariana Grande: Sweetner

Last Friday, Ariana Grande’s fourth album, Sweetner was released! Since then a few records have been broken, such as Spotify streaming and most downloaded, and she recently won best pop video at the VMA’s! Whoo, get it, GIRL!

My first impression of the album was it wasn’t going to be as good as her last three albums. There were reports earlier this year and last year that her next album (this album) will be her best album. It was rumored that Pharell was producing her newest album. Honestly, I think each of her albums has raised her potential and showed off her voice in a new way. I personally love the soul in her first album, Yours Truly. As for the second album she changed to pop being very upbeat and it showed off her vocals more. While Dangerous Woman took her on a whole ‘nother level with having songs about sexuality and more collaborations featuring Missy Elliot, Iggy Azalea.

My favorite songs of the album are God is a Woman, No Tears Left To Cry, Breathin’, Sweetner, Successful, and Goodnight n Go. I really love Successful because it’s so different sound and style wise. I love that it’s upbeat and features her voice in a way with layers. While Breathin’ reminds me of “Be Alright” such a positive message and especially for this particular album since she drew inspiration from the Manchester Shooting.

How it compares to her previous albums?

To be honest, this isn’t her best album to me. I think Dangerous Woman was her best album and I wish more of those songs were released from that album and she had made music videos for them. My favorite album is Dangerous Woman because I think she changed her image and showed what she’s truly capable of with her voice. As a fan I was disappointed when The Light is Coming was released because it wasn’t a good song. I don’t know where she’s going with this album I just hope I like the next one more. Wasn’t a big fan of this album because it wasn’t catchy and the arrangement isn’t what I’m used to for her songs since her other songs are so different.

However, I think this is her favorite album because it’s in a direction she’s excited about and one she had more time to work on. The sound is different and her voice isn’t showcased in the same way, it’s harder to learn the lyrics in my opinion because the beat overshadows her voice. I’m happy she’s moving in the direction she wants as a fan, but I’m not a big fan of this album.

Track List and Opinions

Raindrops (an angel cried)- OMG this intro was amazing and beautiful! I wished it was longer, but I never get tired of listening to it. It’s her best intro to date. It was such a great way to start her album.

Blazed ft. Pharrell Williams- The light is coming ft Nicki Minaj- I love the beats and Ariana’s line which is also the title “the light is coming” but I don’t like Nicki’s rap because it seems out of place. If her rap had correlated with the message I would’ve liked it more. I love Bed with Ariana and Nicki Minaj that was a bop! I was hoping that song would be on this album, but the fact Ariana and Nicki did two songs was awesome!

R.E.M.- I’m not a fan of this song because of the lyrics “I don’t wanna wake up wake up wake up” it’s just not catchy to me.

God is a Woman- This is the best song on the whole album in my opinion. The video is beautiful and beyond what I thought it would mean. I loved all of the representation she used and how she changed the game with the video.

Sweetner- THIS IS A BOP! So underrated by far, and I’m really hoping a music video comes out for this song with a killer choreographed dance. I love all the twists and turns that come with this song.

Successful- This was super different from the beats, to the layering and lyrics. I loved it all, but I don’t really understand what it’s about. I’m hoping a music video drops soon so I can understand the meaning behind it. I love that’s it’s light and different. This is my favorite song on the whole album besides the singles released despite how different it is.

Everytime- First off love the beat and the arrangement of this song. I feel like it’s a breakup song, am I the only one thinking that? It was nice seeing a different emotion compared to most of the upbeat songs she has on this album.

Breathin- This song reminds of “Be Alright” from Dangerous Woman for some reason that’s what pops into my head when I listen to it. It’s so upbeat and it clicks with “Be Alright.”  This song is what I wanted the album to have more of, but I’m hoping her next album has similar songs to this.

No Tears Left To Cry- Loved that this was the first single! Showed Ariana was coming back hard and I loved the message. I’m kinda tired of listening to this song but when I’m down in the dumps I know this song will lift me right up.

Borderline ft. Missy Elliot- I didn’t think I would like this song after my first impression but I started liking it after the third time I listened to it. I can see why people say they hear 90’s vibes from this song. I love Missy Elliot and hope for more collabs in the future.

Better Off- This was different and gave me sad vibes but I wasn’t a big fan of it because of the arrangement.

Goodnight n Go- I really love this song! The beginning is really childlike and then it evolves to something I wasn’t expecting. Her high notes killed me! This is on my favorites list.

Pete Davidson- The first time I heard this song I thought it was okay because I thought this was supposed to be one of the highlights of this album. Another thing that threw me off about this song was how short this song was. Once I took the time to listen to the song I did like it, but I don’t like that it’s a little fast since I don’t understand all the lyrics. Lol but I was hoping for a ballad. This was a cool song though and very sweet.

Get Well Soon- I was hoping for a stronger song to end the album. I think her previous albums had stronger songs that’s why, but I don’t know I wasn’t really a fan of this song.

Hope for the Future

I hope her next album has more hits that I’ll like personally and her voice is showcased more! I really hate that her voice is hidden behind the beats in most of the songs. I’m happy she’s happy and she’s doing better after the Manchester shooting but as for this album, it wasn’t what I expected. I’m not the biggest fan because I don’t know the meaning behind most of the songs. The songs are this album aren’t as self-explanatory and relatable compared to her previous albums in my opinion.

Overall I think this album was a 6/10 and that’s because I skip songs since they aren’t catchy enough for me and they don’t really show different emotions in a way I can relate. I’m still a fan of Ariana Grande, Sweetner just wasn’t my favorite.


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