October Memories!

Happy first day of October!!!

For me, it just so happens to be my birthday month so I’ll be celebrating all month long. Because why not? Today also marks the first day of Blogtober, where bloggers who choose to participate like myself, blog everyday and post a new blog for each day of October. Get ready for some new content!

I wanted to start Blogtober off by taking a trip down memory lane. Last year was one of the BEST Octobers I’ve had in a really long time. I created a ton of new memories that I’ll cherish for the years to come. I aspire to have an even better October this year.

Carving my first pumpkin

Last October, I CARVED MY FIRST EVER PUMPKIN which was AWESOME to say the least. I had so much fun and I loved every minute of it. I’m sure I carved a pumpkin once when I was a child, but I don’t remember it. Having grown up all those years not carving pumpkins the anticipation and excitement was built up pretty high. I told my boyfriend that I wanted to carve a pumpkin this year (last year) and he said he would help me and man was I stoked! Every time we walked into a grocery store, and I saw a pumpkin I would look at him and he knew I wanted each and every single pumpkin I laid eyes on.

Every time I said, “I’m gonna buy one”, he would tell me I needed to wait because pumpkins go bad so fast. He told me I would get to carve my pumpkin when it got closer to Halloween and sure enough he bought me a pumpkin and told me to carve it and with his guidance I did. He talked me through the steps of carving a pumpkin. I thought of a cute design when I started the process. 20 minutes later I had my first ever memorable carved pumpkin. I loved it so much and I can’t wait to do it again this year.

My Halloween Themed Birthday Party

Whooo! My birthday last year has been without a doubt my best birthday by far as adult birthdays go…actually best birthday ever! Since I can remember it so vividly, given it was last year but my past with birthdays haven’t been all that great. My wonderful boyfriend and his extremely loving family threw me a party and to top it off it was HALLOWEEN THEMED. Man I love Halloween and I loved the theme. The decor, my cake, my favorite food and being around people who have done nothing but support me from the moment they met me was pretty amazing. I’ve never had that, and to be surrounded by that made me feel very special. There was carne asada, Mexican rice, grilled zucchini,  enchiladas, and of course a Halloween themed cake! I had the best time, and plan to top it this year since I want the same theme.

Going to a Halloween Carnival

During our first Halloween together I kept saying I wanted to go to a Halloween carnival that a nearby church was setting up for. Well things didn’t go as planned that first year, so I made it a mission to make sure we went to the Halloween carnival for sure this year. Hector and I went to the carnival last year and we got a couple snacks there like hotdogs, nachos and corn I think. We had to buy tickets at the door which were used to buy everything at the carnival. There was cool Halloween aired up balloons and decor everywhere. We took a couple pictures and walked around to take everything in and see what the carnival offered. We liked the idea that the profits went to help a church. I loved seeing all the kids so happy and dressed up.

Doing my first CAKE walk

At the carnival we went to last year, there was also a cake walk. I had never heard of a “cake walk” before that. I was intrigued and excited after Hector told me about it. If this is your first time hearing of a cake walk as well, it’s a carnival game where people walk in a circle to music and keep walking until the music stops. There’s numbers on the ground and when the music stops you have to pick a number to stay on. A number will get picked and the person standing on the number wins…you guessed it a cake! Guess how excited I was after hearing this? Well after eating, I went to try my hand at the cake walk and as my luck would have it I won on the first game! Hector and I picked out a cake together, then we looked at the rest of the attractions and then went home and ate cake. It was a fun Halloween.

My plans for this year’s Halloween

  • Dress up for Halloween
  • Decorate my whole apartment and get super festive!
  • Make decorations
  • Have a Halloween party
  • Have a bigger and better birthday party than last year
  • Make Halloween treats

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