This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today by Chrissy Metz

About the book

This autobiography gives a glimpse into Chrissy Metz’s individual journey which lead her to be the person she is today. Someone who inspires others everyday beginning with those who watch This is Us, as she depicts Kate, a character who she has said, she was meant to play. The memoir dives into Chrissy’s childhood and her ongoing struggles with her confidence, weight and her own self-love journey.

What did I enjoy?


The layout of the book was very personal, somewhat like a diary. The book was an easy read and like a friend was confiding in you. She made it seem like she’s known you for a while and like you’re friends even. Her advice and kind heart can be felt through the pages.


Weight, self-love, acceptance, and confidence are a few issues many of us can relate too which is why I really enjoyed this book. I think this a great book for people of all ages, specifically younger girls though so they learn early on how to handle their emotions about self-love, acceptance and confidence in a healthy way.


As someone who is a fan, I honestly enjoyed the book. I, myself am struggling with similar issues Chrissy has and is dealing with such as confidence, and body struggles. She has made her dreams a reality with the tremendous amount of work she has put in over the years to get to where she is now. (Explained in the book) She gets to share her voice on a television show and represent what girls are feeling everyday when they wake up and look at their reflection. This memoir was wonderfully written with the intention to help others and to share her own individual experiences. She did an amazing job with describing her past issues and how she’s overcome them. I’m happy for all of her success and can’t wait to see what this season of This is Us has in store.

Would I read it again?

Yes, because I loved the advice that Chrissy offered with confronting issues she’s become open about. One pieces of advice shared are “manifesting”  you gotta say what you believe, one day the hard work will pay off. The next piece of advice is to be kinder to yourself.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, because it was an easy read with great advice.  I found this book very inspiring and motivating. I think it’s a positive piece of literature and something I’ll read again very soon.

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