How I Got Over My Fear of Dogs

I have been terrified of dogs ever since I was 6 years old. Before that age, I was never around dogs as much as I am now. My neighbors had Pitbulls and all of my neighbors had at least one dog in their yard. I was often chased by my neighbors’ dogs on my way to school and on my way home. That was the beginning of my fear.

Although I was highly terrified I still always knew I wanted a pet dog once I became ready. I didn’t like to pet dogs nor did I like to be near them, even if they were friendly. I was too consumed by the thought of the dog possibly biting me.

Fast forward to today…

I am a proud DOG OWNER and I’m raising my dog with my boyfriend. My amazing boyfriend who learned of my fear when we started dating has helped me with my fear by informing people I’m afraid of dogs. He also guides me around dogs and has even walked me to my house if there’s a dog blocking my path.

Anyways, back to me being a dog owner…my amazing boyfriend surprised me with a puppy just last September. Brody, our poochie, is officially 1 year old and I have definitely grown as a person to love dogs. Although I still experience some slight anxiety around larger dogs since I’m still getting comfortable with new breeds that I’ve never been exposed too. Overall I’m pretty comfortable with dogs in general, the larger ones will just take some getting used to.

Since having my own dog, I’ve created a bond like no other with him. I’ll admit his bond is stronger with my boyfriend but that’s because I didn’t know how vital it was to sleep with him when he was a puppy. Regardless, he’s my dog and he loves me and I love him. Having a dog as puppy really changed my perspective since I saw him grow and change each day. My boyfriend and I trained him together and we parent together.

How could I be afraid of a dog that lives with me and who I’ve taught basically his whole life?

That’s just it, I can’t. From feeding him, taking him to the vet, and training him tricks and commands it’s been a journey that has taught me that dogs are great! I’ve seen my dog from a tiny little puppy who fit in the palm of my boyfriend’s hand to now a little dog who takes up my whole lap when he comes to sit with me. I’ve seen him when he’s happy, sad, hurt, sick and with all of that my perspective of dogs has definitely changed. I love dogs now and get excited when I see them in cars. I love saying, “Hi doggie” to them when I’m in the car with my boyfriend. He thinks it’s weird, but I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come!

My boyfriend told me from the beginning , “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.” That has stuck with me and now I’m not as scared of dogs, just big ones but that’s changing as I’m meeting more breeds.

I’m thankful Brody came into our lives and made it better.

He’s given us so many memories and he’s helped us grow into more responsible and caring people.

Wanna get over your fear of dogs? Get a puppy, and your perspective will change for sure. The bond is unlike no other, and the paw print they leave on your heart is far too big to not change you as a person.

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