30 Holiday Activities to do by YOURSELF!

Tomorrow is Halloween and the holidays are rolling in after that. Let’s get into the holiday spirit by spending more quality time with ourself. There are plenty of things we can do solo that will give us that sense of accomplishment, so let’s go for it!

  1. Make a hot chocolate and curl up with a book
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch
  3. Carve a pumpkin
  4. Make a pumpkin pie
  5. Halloween movie marathon
  6. Making Halloween treats
  7. DIY Halloween costume
  8. Christmas movie marathon
  9. Holiday outfit shopping trip for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  10. Fall photoshoot with leaves and pumpkins
  11. Photoshoot with your pet
  12. Winter photoshoot in front of your Christmas tree or at your favorite place during this time of the year
  13. DIY  new home decorations: Wreath, decorate a fake pumpkin, fake flower arrangement, DIY vase, candle holder, mugs
  14. Light candles and decorate your home to spread holiday spirit in your house
  15. Organize your closet with Fall & Winter clothes
  16. Donate old clothes
  17. Get your nails done
  18. Get a hair cut…try a new style (get bangs or go shorter or dye it)
  19. Paint your nails a new design
  20. Create a new holiday inspired scrapbook which you can continue to add to each year
  21. Go to the park with your pet
  22. Learn how to make a new soup
  23. Plan out Christmas gifts
  24. Declutter your home before the holidays
  25. Try a new holiday drink at a new local coffee shop
  26. Try a new holiday treat at a new local bakery
  27. Look for a holiday event in your town that you’ve never gone to and GO!
  28. Go to a homeless shelter and donate items or donate your time
  29. Go to an animal shelter and donate items or donate your time
  30. Make a donation to a local cause

We still have 2 months to make memories in 2019, LET’S DO THIS!

4 thoughts on “30 Holiday Activities to do by YOURSELF!

      1. I’ve been sneakily decorating since October. I have some cute pumpkins out and some foliage but they also are in my same Christmas color scheme and my daily decor so they kinda blend in together!

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