What is it like to work in a department with only women?

As someone who is pursuing the corporate world I’ve had a couple experiences with businessman which has taught me more than I thought it would. All of those lessons will be featured in an upcoming post.  Have you ever wondered if working with only women would be better then working with men?

You’ve come to the right place because I’ve recently started a position where I work alongside women since my department consists of only women. I work in the finance department alongside five other women. We all work under our team lead who is also a woman. I work for a tech company which also a new industry for me. It’s a small company, but it’s growing and the atmosphere is nothing quite like what I’ve experienced before. You can learn more about my workplace by reading here.

Authority has been quite different when working with women in my department. With my experience thus far, it’s been a little challenging to speak up just because I’ve only been at my current position for a few months. I don’t feel too comfortable yet with my team lead due to a lack of confidence with myself in the new position which I’m working on.

I’ve noticed others have a hard time saying something as well, but that may be because the other women I work alongside with are in fact new too.  My position involves quite a bit of accountability and I’m still trying to develop that full confidence when working on daily tasks since it’s completely new to me. It’s a new industry, new department and new environment for me. I’d say my current employer is much more understanding than my previous employers not because she’s a woman, but because of the difference in environments between my current position and previous positions.

For instance this position cares more about their employees since they often practice regular Human Resource tactics to help implement a positive work environment and culture. My most recent work experiences weren’t in the corporate world which is a huge factor. The previous positions also weren’t relied on as much as this department is.


The overall environment at my new workplace is very positive. From my first day, I’ve experienced nothing, but pleasant introductions with people from other departments. I’ve reached out to different departments to get to know others and to see if others feel the same about the company too. I also thought it would be a good way to network since this is my first time working in a company this big. The company is probably under 300 employees, but it’s expanding quickly. There are about seven different departments and we all work on the same floor. It’s been an eye opening experience for someone like myself who has always wanted to see what it takes to run a small company. Being in the finance department I’ve seen a plethora of issues arise just in the last couple of months.


Oh have there been instances where miscommunication occurred more than once I might add. Whether it’s been my fault, coworker or our leader it’s happened and here’s how we dealt with it.

Mediation, yep you read that right mediation and sitting down to talk the problem out to hear what everyone has to say. Sometimes the best way is express everything openly. Well as women who are trying to make it into the business world, we don’t always speak up when we should like me for instance. I actually was in a mediation with a fellow coworker due to miscommunication. Did it help? Yes actually it made us both aware of how the other one felt and what we each were struggling with when communicating with one another. Growing up there was always a misconception that having to be mediated is a bad thing or you’re in trouble when in reality you’re just being sought out to receive help.

Miscommunication has occurred plenty of times, and now that our department has gotten better at working together we’ve come to express how we feel more openly to our team lead. Being heard solves half the problem, the other half is having the solution to resolve everything.

Attitudes have risen and that’s mainly due to how you speak to someone or how they speak to you leading to misinterpretation. Has this happened to you? You’re not alone it happens more than I thought it would. I don’t know why, but reading people through facial expressions has not worked out for me since not everyone is easy to read. Facial expressions don’t express as much as you’d think and demeanor is subjective.

I’ve enjoyed my experience overall and am trying to learn how to make in the corporate world especially as a future leader. So working in a department of only women has been a great experience since I’ve been able to hear different perspectives from women of different ages and different backgrounds in the modern company that I currently work at.

Would you want to work in a department with only women?





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