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    Review Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation

    Looking for a new foundation that’s affordable and lasts long! Well look no further here’s my review for my current favorite foundation. This foundation is $5.99 as listed on their website which you can see here. I’ve been using this foundation since February 2017, my boyfriend actually bought it for me when he came to visit me for a weekend. Anyways it’s been my favorite foundation since! Just before this foundation, I was using the Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation which you can read about it here. Why I Chose This Product? I love Wet N’ Wild and have used the brand since high school. I love the brand because it’s…

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    Rimmel Perfect Match Foundation

    Hey guys, it’s been a busy few days adjusting to my new schedule so here we are again with my new beauty reviews. I’ve been a fan of Rimmel since I was in high school. I bought a Rimmel foundation to use for my prom and I chose it because it was affordable, matched my skin tone and looked lightweight. Features I’ve tried 2 of Rimmel’s foundations including the one in the title. I’ve used this foundation for the about a year. This foundation has SPF 20 and smells really good. The smell is a combination of sunscreen and a nice lotion. Application The foundation’s consistency is a little thick,…

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    Review Impress Press On Manicure

    I love painting my nails and ever since I got my first set of acrylics I’ve been missing them. Although I don’t miss them enough to pay the price to get them again. Nor do I miss the process of getting a manicure¬†(Just in case you haven’t read my last blog post about my manicure experience) done and having them removed. I happened to learn about a new set of nails that was being sold at Dollar Tree and one of my friends saw the same youtube video so we went out to the store to go and find them so we could try them! We went to Rite Aid…

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    Iphone X Review

    Before the hate begins because Iphones are “overrated” and “expensive” let me just add I just switched over to Apple products last November. I’ve had Android phones for most of my life and recently bought my boyfriend’s Iphone 6 Plus because my phone’s memory sucked and my phone was really laggy. I had the Galaxy Grand Prime. Why I Needed A New Phone? My boyfriend’s Iphone 6 Plus was 4 years old and it still works, but I’ve dropped it twice on accident of course and half of the screen came off and now the whole screen can pop off. So yeah I needed a new phone, to say the…

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    Review on Forever 21 Foot Mask

    Back in May, I bought a foot mask from Forever21 and here’s my review. I had high hopes for this foot mask because my feet are always sore from having to wear heels and flats for work. I just wanted to find something that would help relieve the pain I get from walking after work. Sure enough, this foot mask was super simple. The steps were to put my every foot into a mask which was a bag that had two layers of the product which smelled like apple. It was similar to a sheet mask, but in the form of bags to fit your feet. You leave the mask…

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    Nail Stickers!

    How many of you do your nails to relax? I love doing my nails, but you know those days when you try doing your nails and they just don’t come out right so you get frustrated and just end up giving up! Try using nail stickers, they’re easy to apply and last on average about 5 days. In the past when I’ve used the nail stickers, they were often mistaken for real nail polish. They don’t do any harm to your actual nails. It’s an alternative to having plain nails when giving them a break. You can buy nail stickers at your local drug store, department store and grocery store.…

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    Dresses From Shein

    This was supposed to be a post for dresses to wear when attending graduation however the dresses I ordered don’t really fit that occasion. I’m probably going to wear the last dress to my boyfriend’s graduation, but I really liked these dresses so I thought I should share them with you guys! Don’t forget to subscribe by filling out the little box on my home page so you can get updates on my blog !

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    Charcoal Soap Review

    Back in February I had a girl’s day and got a manicure with my friend and then we went shopping after. While we were there at Ulta, she bought 2 charcoal soaps and there happened to be a sale so she gave me one. She paid $7.50 for 2 soaps. It was a buy one get one half off, regular price is $5. We’ve both had different experiences with the soap. I have sensitive and dry skin. My problem areas are blackheads, whiteheads and occasional acne but it’s very minimal. I’ve been using the soap every other day and I love it! The smell isn’t too strong and you only…

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    Fitness Watch Review

    My father bought me my first pedometer at 7 years old as I remember at a Big 5 Sporting Goods store. At the time I did not understand the meaning of it but after learning its function I liked it. For a few years, I treasured that pedometer, but something happened to it. Fast forward to my first years in college I bought a pedometer for $10. At first, I was happy with my purchase believing it was accurate and loved that it would help me. Later I learned it was not accurate so I stopped using it. One of my goals for this year is to take much better…

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    NYX Review: TURNT UP LIPSTICK and Butter gloss

    Hi, guys long time no post! Well, last weekend I went back to my hometown. While I was there I got my first manicure which I will write about in a few weeks. Anyways while I was home my friend and I were hanging out and she said, “where should we go?” I told her, “Ulta” so we went. I know what you may be thinking is why? Especially with the scandal of employees making RETURNED products look nice just to be resold. Well, I have been wanting to go for a long time so we went. I found these lip products on sale and they happened to also be…