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    What’s in my bag?

    I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so here ya go. Look inside my bag and see what I carry around. Here’s my favorite “What’s in my bag?” video from my favorite Youtuber, Weylie. I carry a purse pretty much everywhere except for when I attend my classes most of the time. I’ll occasionally take a large purse with all of my belongings to class, but that’s only once a week or so. My current bag is this lovely black small crossbody which I’ve been using since last month (Early August). I bought it for $8 at Shein.com which is an online store that is really popular and…

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    Outfit Inspiration: Edgy

    One of my favorite fashion styles is edgy and I’ve been looking for more edgy clothes pieces for date night and for when I go back to college for my last semester! I love black and have loved black since 7th grade, what can I see the angsty teenager in me hasn’t died yet. I love painting my nails black and dark makeup. It’s one of the styles I always loved expressing myself with because it made me feel free from expectations. Clothes Anyways onto the pieces, I love doing my hair straight but I did two different hair styles to mix it up a little. Although I love curly…

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    Beauty on a Budget: My New Purse !

    This is going to be a new series on my blog, where I share my beauty finds that are of course on a budget! Starting with as the title suggests my brand new bougie purse. I have been planning to buy a new purse for myself since starting my new job as a little reward, but also because I’ve never been able to afford a nice quality purse in the past. I had my eyes set on nice bag with the style similar to this picture below. During my lunch at work, I decided to go and check out TJMaxx since it was nearby and see what kind of purses…

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    Creating Your Unique Style

    Creating Your Unique Style By: Diana Wills  A Little Bit About The Author Meet my first guest blogger, Diana Wills, who is from Australia and writes on ripped.me among other writers. It’s a blog about health and fitness, but Diana also enjoys writing about beauty. You can learn a little bit more about Diana here as well as the other contributing authors from ripped.me When you think about women like Ariana Grande and Dita Von Teese, you immediately remember something unique about them. For Ariana, it’s her ponytail and her urban fashion, and for Dita, it’s the art of burlesque, something she does better than anyone else. You know these women…

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    Dresses From Shein

    This was supposed to be a post for dresses to wear when attending a graduation however the dresses I ordered don’t really fit that occasion. I’m probably going to wear the last dress to my boyfriend’s graduation, but I really liked these dresses so I thought I should share them with you guys! Don’t forget to subscribe by filling out the little box on my home page so you can get updates on my blog !

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    Exploring New Brands: Doro Della Vita

    This is a new segment I’m going to do and here’s to one of my new discoveries. This is going to be a long read, so grab your snacks. Dora Della Vita is a luxury fashion line designed by Katurus Braswell, an amazing designer. Dora Della Vita is Italian for “The Golden Life.” This is his first line and you can see all of his clothing from the line here.  Here is how he tells his story of how he started the line. Everything from the line is handmade! Disclaimer                                             I…

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    March Goodwill Haul

    Earlier this month I was preparing to attend a career fair. While preparing for the career fair I realized I didn’t have the proper attire, so I decided to go to Goodwill to look at clothes. I already had plans to donate a bag of my clothes and shoes, so I just decided to actually go inside and shop for blouses, slacks and blazers. I have slacks, flats, heels, and a few nice shirts for interviews but I have needed to add more to my professional clothing. I ended up spending $33 and I bought 3 blouses, 2 shirts, 1 pair of slacks, and 1 blazer. On the day of the…