Shopping 101

Here are my favorite brands and places to shop. My favorite stores include: Forever21, Rue21, Hot Topic, Charlotte Russe, Wet N’ Wild, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Fallas, and stores that meet my criteria. When I’m shopping I look for 3 things: price, quality, and design.

Price is important to me, because I like getting things at a bargain. I love thrift stores and SALES. I rarely pay full price and when I do it’s because I’ve worked and saved up money. When I look at quality I want my things to last a while preferably a few years, but once they become my favorite I know they won’t last long. ‘.) I like simple designs so I can make them stand out myself. Or I prefer them to make a statement on their own leaving me to compliment it with other.

I love going to malls for clothes, but most of the time I buy my clothes at Wal-Mart or Target or thrift stores because it’s more convenient. Department stores are much easier to shop at when you’re on a budget like myself. I only tend to splurge if I want to treat myself or I need something for a special occasion. I have a few dresses from Amazon and the quality is great for the price because I’ve had a skater dress for 3 years and it’s still in great condition.

Here’s where I shop for a specific item and why:

Dresses: Forever21 sale racks always come in clutch

Jeans: Wal-Mart  because for the price the quality is great and the jeans always fit comfy

Undergarments: Wal-Mart price and quality among other places that have sales

Shoes: Payless and Wal-Mart good styles are available and prices

Jewelry & Other Accessories: Claire’s, Rue21, Forever21

Shirts: Anywhere you personally like the size and style for me it’s honestly anywhere I listed above

Outerwear: Marshall’s because they have really good brands and prices for the quality you want for jackets and etc.

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