What do you wanna be when you grow up?

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

I’ve mentioned that I’m working on my second degree in Business Administration. However, I have not mentioned why I chose business?

When I was 5 and half years old, my parents were going through a divorce. During that time, I saw my mom’s lawyer often and I really admired her and what lawyers do. I see lawyers as people who fight to protect people from others and the law. That was my first answer to that question from what I remember. I started to change my mind as I went to middle school. All the years of school I’d have to complete made it less appealing.

When I was in sixth grade, I sold Mexican candy out of my backpack all the way until the middle of seventh grade. How did I start selling candy? Well I had always wanted to do it, since at the time my mom worked at a grocery store where we got discounts. After seeing my best friend at the time sell candy for a few months, I decided to go through with my idea because it worked out for her. I was a little hesitant about it. My parents encouraged me and my candy sold well. I loved the whole process behind it, picking the candy, deciding on prices, selling it to my friends and other kids,  and then tallying up the profit. It was a little small business venture looking back at it. It did lead to a few incidents with school officials. In sixth grade, the principle found out and didn’t want me to continue selling the candy because she assumed it had lead in it. Although, she advised me not to, I did it anyways. Then in seventh grade in middle school a security guard asked what I was selling and I didn’t want to show her because I didn’t want her to tell me the same thing my principle did. She was upset, claiming she would have bought candy if I had shown her. In the end, I think it was for the best I didn’t want to risk it again. It only lasted until seventh grade because some other kids that were in my class thought it would be cool if they stole all of my money. After that upsetting incident, I then decided not to continue selling candy at school for personal use. I would make over $50 every week. It was fun and with the money I earned I bought school supplies and clothes.

During my freshman year of high school, a group of students came in who were in a business pathway telling my english class about the pathway.

  • Being in the business/finance pathway included being able to take business classes like accounting and marketing,
  • going on fun trips to university tours and staying in hotels,
  • earning community service hours by volunteering to work in the student store, while also gaining real work experience
  • earning perks for your GPA if it was at least a 3.0 which included shirts, sweaters, senior yearbook and an honor chord for graduation

I loved the presentation and I thought I would learn a lot and have loads of fun, so I joined. It made high school so much more enjoyable! I also realized how many family friends I know who didn’t go to school for business, but became entrepreneurs. That inspired me and motivated me to go to school for business. Sometime while being in that pathway made me realize that’s the field I wanted to be in.

Growing up I loved the show That’s So Raven, and I loved her dream job. So much so that when my stepdad would ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up I would tell him I want to have my own business where I design my own clothes and sell them in my own store. My career goal since then has evolved, but nonetheless my beginning dream job lead me a long way.

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