University Life

10 Things I’ve learned in College

  1. Preparing food is a must, because you will starve on campus and buying food on campus will eat your wallet
  2. Office hours are a NECESSITY when you are struggling with the littlest thing and even more helpful when you’re really struggling
  3. Always have spare cash in your backpack, purse or book bag. It’s good to have in case you forget your lunch, phone or something else
  4. Making friends can be hard, but talking to people is easy just try and see if you can talk to different people in every class so you can then get the urge to ask to study together
  5. Definitely read the assigned reading if you want A’s and want to be on top of things, do not procrastinate
  6. Dedicate more than 1 day to study for exams and essays (papers)
  7. Join a few clubs that interest you, that’s a great way to be apart of something and to meet people…good way to gain new experiences
  8. Get a job, whether it be volunteering, an internship or a part-time job because experience is valuable while you’re not as busy yet, come junior and senior year you won’t have time for everything
  9. Go out once in a while because you are only young once, why waste time?
  10. Talking to professors can do so much good!!!!

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