All Time Favorite Smoothie Recipe!

All Time Favorite Smoothie Recipe!

I’ve started this year off to accomplish multiple goals! One of them being more health conscious. With that, I have been drinking more smoothies for breakfast. This is my start to completing a goal. When my boyfriend and I started dating, he would make me this smoothie for breakfast after our workout. They are my absolute favorite smoothie! His mom would make them for him and his siblings growing up. That’s where the name “Choco mil” came from, it’s Spanish for chocolate milk.

Choco Mil

Ingredients: Note this recipe makes 2 servings!

  • Milk
  • Nesquik’s Chocolate Powder mix
  • Banana

First, start off with removing the peel from a banana and then placing it into your blender.

Next add milk to about half way or 10 ounces or so.

Then add 2 small spoonful scoops of chocolate powder

Lastly, place a lid onto your blender, blend and enjoy!

Leave a comment on your favorite smoothies and their recipes ! Let me know if you enjoyed Choco mil!!!! 😄

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