Date Ideas

Date Ideas

Date to me is defined as spending time with someone you have romantic feelings for, but it can also be a friend date. Here are my date ideas in case you guys don’t have any, if this doesn’t apply to you comment your favorite date idea or what your ideal date would be.

  1. Picnic at the park, this can be really simple where you have a picnic basket, blanket and packed food for your significant other. Be sure to make it personal by including their favorite snacks, food, or drink. If this is a friend date, you guys can each bring a food and make it a potluck picnic.
  2. Finding a new place to explore, this can be anywhere you find interesting like a new place to hike or a new place you heard of like a trail or park, or just a nice place to go to at night that has an amazing view overlooking your town. That’s really romantic. If this is a friend date, going hiking in a new place day or night can be really fun.
  3. Mini Golf. Not enough dates happen at a mini golf course. I haven’t gone myself, but later this year I definitely will. I already found a place!
  4. Bowling! So much fun and a great way to get over nerves and to loosen up.
  5. Scavenger hunt. Make a scavenger hunt for your significant other with clues and small prizes.
  6. Go to a new restaurant. Get out of your comfort zone and try a different place in a new town or a new restaurant in town.
  7. Take a class together. Whether that be an exercise class, art class or something that just catches your eye.
  8. Cook together. Find recipes on tasty or delish or youtube. Start off with something easy together and make it a weekly or monthly thing. Great way to bond plus you save money and get left overs!
  9. Go to a play or a concert. Find classical concerts at your local colleges or universities. Plays by universities or by the community. Expand your culture and mind.
  10. Go to a drive-in theater! Look online and you might be lucky to find something close to a drive-in or a drive-in near by. If you live in California, there’s a drive-in at Sacramento!

Let me know which one of these you love!

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