My half Thai Role Models

My half Thai Role Models

Here I am with my grandmother in Phuket beach in Thailand.

Growing up half Thai, I wish I had more role models growing up instead of feeling alone all the time. I loved my ethnicity, but I hated that not many understood it. I didn’t really get any role models until middle school, but no one I could actually learn from. Most of my role models are actors and actresses because the only real half Thais I saw were in the movie industry. I liked being able to relate to them. I loved watching Thai dramas where the main characters were foreign or grew up in a foreign country (usually America) because then I had more in common with them.

I loved learning more about the actors and actresses because I liked seeing what else I had in common with them. For instance, a few of them didn’t learn Thai as a child but later in life. Seeing that they don’t look like their other half ethnicity and that I wasn’t alone in the end. I fell in love more with the fantasy in the Thai drama because it was more relatable than their actual lives. Since in their real lives they’re rich and know more about Thai culture than I do.

I still plan on learning how to speak Thai so I can be more fluent. I would also love to learn more about the religion, because although I was raised as a Buddhist I can’t explain it and therefore feel that I need to learn more about it. I like what I know, but I’d love to be able to explain it to others.

Being half Thai is amazing and I hope to have real have half Thai friends in the future so I would have others to connect with. I also hope to be more in touch with my Thai heritage.

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