My Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day

Candle Lit Dinner made by my wonderfully amazing boyfriend!

My boyfriend and I started the day out normal we woke up and had breakfast. Then he took me to school and told me he wanted me to go to my last class which I dread going to since it’s very boring. He let it slip out that he needed more time, so I agreed that I would go to my last class. When I got out of my class there he was waiting holding 10 balloons and a heart shaped box of chocolates! I hugged him and kissed him and said thank you then we walked and talked to his car.

On the way home he told me I was not allowed to go into the kitchen. I asked if I was “allowed” to go into the bathroom, to which he replied with “That’s perfect!” He also wanted me to wait outside for 2 minutes because he had to do something. So while he was setting up I went to check the mail. I walked into our apartment and tried not to look in the kitchen and then proceeded to walk to the bathroom. To my surprise there was heart stickers in all colors as a little trail leading to the bathroom. It was so romantic, then in the bathroom there was a little table that had candles, a lighter, a bathbomb and a bowl with potpurri in it.

My boyfriend didn’t stop there. I asked if I could go into the kitchen now and he said, “yes.” The first thing I saw was a bottle of wine with two win glasses on the kitchen table with a candle in a candle holder in the center of the table. Then I saw, our dinner which was very big steak, vegetables and mash potatoes. I asked if I could help and he let me prepare the biscuits which I did happily.  Then I waited at our kitchen table happily eating some of chocolates.

We had an amazing candle lit dinner and then I took a bath which was very relaxing. It was a great Valentine’s Day. My gift to him was 3 of his favorite scented deodorants which were hard to get since they’re so popular. I am also getting him a wallet. His birthday is next month and I plan on making it amazing! Hope you enjoyed this.

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