New Nail Trend: White Nail Polish

New Nail Trend: White Nail Polish

I paint my nails like every week even after my little experience with getting acrylics for the first time. This is the first week I’ve had the miracle nail polish on my nails to help strengthen my nails. It’s only been 6 days lol

I’ve been seeing the white nail polish trend for a while and was hesitant to try it again. My last experience with white nail polish was a complete mess. The nail polish was too thin so I had to paint what felt like a million layers and then once I cleaned my nails it didn’t have a nice finish.

I bought a new white nail polish and I liked it. I planned on doing some splatter on top of it or polka dots, but got tired of the white before doing it.


My overall thought, I liked the white nail polish and should have just bought a better brand of nail polish a while ago. I bought this nail polish at Dollar Tree. I’ll be posting my nail designs as I do them!

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