April’s TV Series

April’s TV Series

As a young and broke twenty-two year old, I thought I’d share some of the shows I’m currently watching. I highly recommend HULU, it’s the easiest place for me to find shows to watch besides regular television. I don’t know about you guys, but I will scroll through Netflix for at least 30 minutes to an hour and still go back to rewatching a series I’ve seen a million times because of the lack of choices. With Hulu I have had the exact opposite problem which is I’ve been able to find a billion shows to watch.

Currently I have been watching:

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy.png

I love Meredith, Miranda, Jackson, and the OG crew which is left on the current season. This current season has been all over the place it’ll pick up and then slow down again. I’m waiting for it to pick up and stay with a main plot for me to follow for a while. This show is about aspiring doctors and their lives following their journey to becoming doctors.

Famous In Love

Famous in Love.jpg

My new favorite obsession because it’s so ridiculous and the drama is crazy. It’s like the new Fosters for me. If you haven’t watched Fosters, that’s a good show too.  Bella Thorne is really great in this show, it doesn’t have the best acting but it could get better along the way. This show is about people who want to be in Hollywood and how drama unfolds in their life.

The Middle

The Middle.jpg

Great wholesome family show that is super relatable. I plan on buying all the seasons once I can afford it. I really love watching this show with my younger brothers, we’re always laughing! We all have a character we think represents us and we make fun of each other while watching it. My favorite character is Sue, but Axl comes in for close second. I just love Sue’s personality, spirit and optimism. It’s kind of a spin off of Malcom in the Middle where the mom is in the middle. I personally love it compared to Malcom in the Middle because it’s more wholesome. This show is about a family and their quirks and antics that they deal with day to day.

The Roseanne Reunion Show

OG Roseanne
Original Roseanne show which aired in the 90’s
Roseanne Reunion
Roseanne Reunion which just started in March I believe.

Although there has been some controversy over this show because Roseanne is a Trump supporter in real life. I enjoyed the first 3 seasons of the original show and I wanted to watch the reunion which I am enjoying. I have finished the whole original series and it was meh after the third season, it lost it’s energy and passion compared to the early seasons. Roseanne’s ego ruined the potential for the rest of the show. I still enjoyed the rest of the seasons but not as much as the first 3 seasons. My favorite character is Dan because is the heart of the show, without him there is no show. This show is about a working blue collar family, and their struggles through life. Very relatable in the first 3 seasons and first real sitcom to be real about family struggles that are too “deep” for other shows.

My hero academia.png

My boyfriend and I started watching this anime in December 2017 and it was recommended to us by a friend who was in love with the show! For good reason we started watching just in time and now it’s on it’s 3rd season and has so much action. It’s about a boy who wants to be a superhero, but doesn’t have any powers so he has prepared his whole life to become a hero and then something unexpected happens in his favor. I don’t wanna give away any spoilers haha.

All of these shows are on Hulu, and Hulu has been my favorite streaming site because it has so many current shows and old shows that Netflix doesn’t have. The movie selection is alright, but I love watching tv shows more than movies because I am already a frequent movie go-er. Hulu has 90’s nickelodeon shows such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and it also has Drake n’ Josh and so many other good shows.

If you have any recommendations please comment below!

9 Replies to “April’s TV Series”

    1. Ive watched a few episodes of once upon a time and Jane the virgin. I heard they’re both really good shows, I just haven’t watched their first episodes to get into it yet.

  1. I love love love Grey’s! I started watching it recently, and am only on season 6! I can’t wait to keep watching and see what’s going to happen, specially because I heard next season is most likely going to be the last one. I also added on hulu My Hero Academia. My sister’s watched the show and read the manga, and she absolutely loved it, and told me to watch it! Now that you mentioned it, I’m even more excited to watch it! Great post Deanna xx

    melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

    1. Thank you Melina! I’ve read a few of the mangas and it’s so accurate which is great! It’s an amazing, action packed show! You won’t regret watching it! I just started watching younger and it stars Hilary Duff so that’s keeping my interest.

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