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My little brother, Dexter, is a 7 year old that I’ve raised from his newborn days up until the age of 5 years old. It stopped at 5 years old because I moved away to attend college. He and I have a special bond for a brother and sister who have a 16 year age difference. Since moving to college, I don’t see him much and since moving into an apartment with my boyfriend I’ve been able to spend more one on one time with him.

Last summer my brother came and stayed with my boyfriend and I for 4 days. I took him to watch the Emoji movie, while my boyfriend watched another movie. -_- He refused to watch the Emoji movie because of how bad reviews were. The movie was pretty bad, but my brother liked it and that’s all that mattered to me. We took my brother to the pool a few times and he had the MOST fun there, he loved being in the water. We also took Dexter to the mall, which he initially asked to go to for the “Free Wifi.” We have WIFI in our apartment, but since my family at home doesn’t have WIFI at home, he’s used to going to places that have Free Wifi so he can use wifi. Our parents usually take him to the public library, Target, McDonalds and other places like that.

Dexter is the pickiest eater in our family, which says a lot because our middle brother is also a picky eater. People are always surprised when they find out, but it’s not that uncommon because I too had a hard time eating when I was younger. When my brother stayed with us he mostly ate cereal, chips and his staple foods from home which was chicken with rice and Chinese sausage with rice.

One Year Later

My brother came this past week on Father’s day and spent 6 days with us, it would have been 7 days but we had plans to go out of town for our 2 year anniversary. My brother has been so excited to come and stay with us. He was originally supposed to come and stay with us the week before, but he had a dentist appointment so we pushed it back one week. Dexter had packed one week in advance and he didn’t let anyone move his bags. My mom called me during the week and told me she would move his bags to his room and he would put them back by the front door. That happened a few times before he started telling her and our other brother not to touch his things. LMAO

When my mom told me that, I just started laughing. He packed all of his clothes, and toys and snacks! My boi was ready to say the least. We left from our hometown to my new home at 6pm and we went to Wal-Mart to buy Dexter a fishing pole so he could go fishing with my boyfriend. We also bought a few grocery items, while we were there. At the checkout, the cashier asked my boyfriend “How did your Father’s Day go?” he replied with ” It was good, spent some time with family, went to the casino can’t complain” the cashier then asked if he won at the casino and he replied with “nothing to brag about.” I thought it was so funny she asked him that because we don’t have kids LOL sure she could have been asking in general but she didn’t look at me when asking. HAHA.

New Experiences

After that we went to our apartment and got settled. I worked during the week which left my boyfriend to spend time with my brother. We agreed we were going to get my brother to try new foods and to like them with one of them being pizza. The thing about Dexter is he doesn’t try new foods, but he’ll insist he doesn’t like them. For the first 2 days we let Dexter eat foods he was comfortable with and then we told him he was going to try Macaroni and Cheese and if he didn’t eat it he wasn’t going to go to the movies. We made plans to take him to Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World fallen kingdom. Of course we had already bought the tickets, but we needed some leverage so Dexter had something to look forward too. The other thing about my brother is he eats SUPER SLOW it will take him an hour to eat. It doesn’t matter what kind of food, he’ll still take an hour. The only exception to this is junk food and meals he’s already a fan of. He likes to talk and he gets distracted really easily especially when eating. However, despite past experiences he did eat the macaroni and cheese and he said he liked it “a little bit.”


We initially told my brother we would take him to watch Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Dexter had been so stoked about going to the movies because he only ever watches movies when I take him. That reason being in our hometown there’s only one movie theater which is highly overpriced resulting with my brothers only going on rare occasions. Dexter was looking forward to swimming in the pool each and everyday, we only went twice because we had gone to the movies the other two nights. He had a blast in the pool, and we’re teaching him how to swim and he’s doing amazing. While I was at work, my boyfriend made an impulse buy resulting with us getting this GIGANTIC TURTLE floaty. Man, that thing is huge. Luckily, the turtle was on sale for $10 and we still have 2 months of summer to use it. The three of us have all used the turtle and it’s pretty fun, not as much fun as being in the water though. My boyfriend taught Dexter how to fish at a local park we’ve grown to like recently. Dexter loves his fishing pole, but is still learning how to care for it. He tends to drag it and forget that it’s brand new. He can cast really far for a beginner. We can’t to see his expression once he catches his first fish. My boyfriend and Dexter visited me at work a few times during the week as well. My boyfriend would make me lunch and Dexter would be the one who carried it to my workplace. He looked so cute holding the lunch bag. Since I was at work during their  breakfast Dexter and I would agree on what his meal would consist of, then the next morning he would eat it with my boyfriend. Every night we would all have dinner together which is a big deal for my siblings and I because our mom always works until 8pm and now 9pm. We rarely ate dinner together at home and when we did we usually went out to eat which isn’t the same experience. The last place we took Dexter was El Pollo Loco, because his favorite food is chicken and he asked if he could go there. His behavior wasn’t an issue, so we rewarded him with a little treat of us all going out to eat before taking him back home.

Final Thoughts

Dexter had a great time with my boyfriend and I and he would have LOVED to stay longer if he could have. I do work full time and this is our summer too so my brother will be coming back but not for a few weeks because my boyfriend and I have plans already. My brother has really grown in one year, he ate new foods, became more responsible and appreciative. He would make his own bed when I asked and clean up when I asked, showered and brushed his teeth. I didn’t have any problems with him at all, compared to our other brother who is 16 and incredibly lazy. My brother loved everything in our apartment and he loved the freedom he had. He was praised often and we took good care of him.

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