My 2 Year Anniversary!

My 2 Year Anniversary!

Hey guys! Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary with boyfriend and we’ve had plans since February to see Post Malone live in concert. We bought our concert tickets 4 days after Valentine’s Day because the pre-sale for tickets was already available. We bought 3 tickets, two for us and one for my boyfriend’s teenage brother who is also a fan of Post Malone.

I found out about the concert through an email and I mentioned it to my boyfriend since his concert was on the day of our anniversary. He was so stoked, and I was happy that he was happy. I mean I’m not gonna lie I wanted the whole day just with him, but when I told people about our plans I was SUPER EXCITED. Another anniversary trip to look forward too…last year he surprised me with a trip to the beach! I was really hoping we would be able to stay one day at a hotel because the concert was 5 hours away, but we didn’t know for sure if we were going to be able to stay at a hotel because we were both planning to work during the summer. Thankfully, with how well I’ve been doing at work my boss was fine with me going into work 3 hours late which I thought was really amazing since I’ve only been working at my new job for one month.

To be honest, when we bought the tickets I wasn’t a big fan of Post Malone, BUT then he came out with the song FALL APART and that song alone made me a FAN. With the purchase of our concert tickets, we received a copy of his new album Beerbongs and Bentley’s in the mail for free which was a pretty cool perk. Thanks to my boyfriend being a huge fan of Post Malone, I learned the songs in ways I didn’t think I would. My boyfriend has had the CD in his car since we got it and for every alarm he sets on his phone for us to wake up, the song Congratulations by Post Malone will play. That’s how I learned the lyrics besides listening to the album on my own sometimes.

Post Malone is an American rapper, singer and songwriter who is 22 years old and his birthday is on July 4, 1995. Fun Fact: he grew interested in learning how to play the guitar after being a fan of Guitar Hero. My favorite song, Fall Apart was written after he went through a breakup in high school. He is very close with his dad and his parents both encouraged his passion for music. He has a pretty cool background, you can learn more about him here.  You can also watch this video where he answers fans questions here which will also show you more of what kind of person he is.Also type in Post Malone memes that was a fun a few weeks during the peak of his fame. LOL

^^ When these memes started trending, I sent so many to my boyfriend including the two featured above because they were hilarious and I knew he was a fan. He was laughing for half an hour because of how funny the memes are.

My favorite songs by Post Malone are Fall Apart, Better Now, Stay,Go Flex, and Candy Paint and Feeling Whitney.  While my boyfriend’s favorite songs are Rockstar, White Iverson, and Congratulations! His little brother’s favorite song was Go Flex which was one of the songs from his new album, Beerbongs and Bentleys.

Our Trip

I had a really busy weekend, the only time I ever get to sleep in now are during my weekends. This past week my 7 year old little brother came to visit me and he spent the week with my boyfriend and I. He had a great time. Well Saturday started off with all of us sleeping in ’til about 10:30am and then packing all of our stuff and tidying up a bit before leaving to drive my brother back home. We were returning to our home town to bring my brother back home, and to pick up my boyfriend’s brother for the concert. My Saturday consisted of going home and trying to find out what to wear to the concert and consoling my little brother because he still wanted to stay at my apartment with my boyfriend and I. My boyfriend, his mom, his brother, his sister, my teenage brother and I went to the movies Saturday night to watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom which was an okay movie. That lead to all of us getting home at 11:30pm and we didn’t go to bed until 12:30am.

Sunday! Our 2 year anniversary had finally arrived and man was it a day to remember!!! I woke up at 8am but didn’t start getting ready until 8:30am. I was dressed by 9am and ready with my bag packed for the trip, the only thing I needed to do was my makeup. My boyfriend picked me up at my parent’s house at 9am and we went to his house because his mom said she would make us all breakfast. We had spam and potatoes which I have never had before, to my surprise it didn’t disappoint. I’m still coming to terms that 90% of the food my boyfriend’s parents make is delicious.


Ever since we found out the concert was in Mountain View, California my boyfriend has been talking nonstop about his favorite restaurant, Mooyah’s, which is one of his favorite burger places. He used to go to often when he was in college, but the restaurant relocated to the Bay Area and LA during his second year. He has been super excited to go back and reminisce on it all since it’s been 4 years since being able to eat at the restaurant. He told his brother and I all about it since purchasing our tickets. Luckily one of the Mooyah’s locations wasn’t too far from the concert’s venue so that was our first stop. Our 5 hour drive had come to an end just so we could stop at Mooyah’s in Los Gatos, California and eat lunch. It was a nice looking place, very vibrant and fresh. The prices and portions of the food were great. I ordered a mushroom swiss burger which costed $6 and a “personal fries” which was $3. They were both worth the price because the food tasted amazing and was very well proportioned. The service was really good, the manager brought our food to all of us individually and the place itself was very clean. My boyfriend ordered a bacon cheddar burger and sweet potato fries, while his brother ordered a “Diablo” burger with regular Idaho fresh cut fries. My boyfriend’s burger was bursting with flavor while mine was alright compared to his. The amount of fries we received for a “personal” was about the same size as a medium sized fries else where.

First Destination
Bacon and Cheddar Burger with sweet potato fries with a glimpse of the Diablo burger

Arriving to the Concert

After eating and enjoying our time out of the car for an hour ish, we got back on the road and we were in Los Gatos and the venue was the Shoreline Amphitheater which was 30 minutes away. We arrived in 40 minutes, and found parking pretty fast. After parking we walked to the amphitheater which was no more than 5 minutes away. On the way we saw food trucks which were only allowed to be selling food inside the concert. We arrived at the venue at 4:10pm and the concert started at 7pm. We were hoping security would let us into the concert at 5pm, but it turned out they don’t let anyone go in until one hour before. It was a long wait, but it was somewhat eventful there was a loud argument that almost lead to a fight over a girl and her group cutting a lady in line. Nobody was hurt from what I saw. While we were in line, this lady that worked for the venue I’m assuming was handing out chips to everyone. That was another perk I haven’t experienced before.

Our view of the stage before people came and the area getting crowded.

The Concert

When 6 o’ clock arrived we were more than ready to enter and use the restroom and buy overpriced water. We were super thirsty and didn’t think to take our own water bottles to the venue because we didn’t think it would that long of a wait.  After that, we found our seats which were general admission lawn seats. We chose seats close enough to the stage and there weren’t that many people next to us to begin with. As time rolled around and it was 7pm this group of two girls and one of their boyfriends decided to sit in front of us, which we didn’t like because there was barely any room in front of us. Then the rest of this group arrived including a 6 foot 7 inches man who stood in front of us, might I add we’re all under 5 feet 6 inches. So none of us were too happy about seating, even though everyone stands at concerts anyways it really sucked that everyone in that group was a foot taller than us and they decided to be right in front of us.

One of our anniversary pictures.

The concert had no structure whatsoever, the opening acts were NOT advertised at all. The concert was supposed to start at 7pm, but the first opening act didn’t start until 8pm and it was a guy named Kyle which no one really knew. The second opening act was a guy named Tyla which no one knew either. Kyle was okay, but both opening acts tried to force the crowd too much. They demanded interaction instead of gaining it like regular acts. The next act was 21 Savage, but before he came on stage there was an unannounced 20 minute intermission. During 21 Savage’s performance his hype man was hyping up the crowd after every. single. song. which was frustrating. Post Malone was supposed to come on after, but he wasn’t announced and then another 20 minute intermission occurred. Once Post Malone came on the concert went from a -5 to a 8 on a 1-10 scale. I was moving back and forth during the concert trying to get a good spot to see the stage, my boyfriend and his brother didn’t feel too comfortable following me since they didn’t think there enough room and because the area I was at was mostly populated with girls. Post Malone started the concert with Better Now and then his intro to Fall Apart was “Let’s thank my stupid bitch ex who inspired this song” and then the crowd chanted “Fuck that Bitch” the crowd was so hyped and the concert was pretty good from then on. I could only see a few parts, but the music was great and there were good vibes. My boyfriend’s brother was able to see and my boyfriend was able to see somewhat. We enjoyed ourselves! There was one other incident that occurred during the concert, there was this stoner who was smoking a joint and trying to push himself into the front but he knocked a girl down and she screamed so these two guys tried to push back in the direction he came from. He was so high he couldn’t even walk straight, he was stumbling every where and as he was walking back after realizing no one was going to let him cut them he almost fell which lead to this nice guy help push him up because we were all standing on a hill. He took offense and put his fists up as if he was going to fight and the guy that helped him told him “If you wanna get your ass kicked hit me” he then put his hands down and walked back to where he came from. There was a lot of vaping and weed at the concert despite the security and rules. Post Malone mentioned weed a few times when talking to us (the crowd) as well.

My favorite picture from our 2 year anniversary.


On our way out of the concert, as I was walking out with my boyfriend and holding his hand so we wouldn’t get lost in the crowd. This guy was walking backwards and this girl was “pushing him” out the gate, and they ended up pushing me. I was not taking that, so I started pushing back this freaking asshole who didn’t wanna walk out of the concert like everyone else. While I was pushing him back my boyfriend noticed something was holding me back and he saw the guy next to me. He asked me, “Is that guy pushing you?” and I replied with “yeah” so he told the guy, “Hey what the fuck?” and this stupid guy said ” I’m sorry I don’t even know this girl or why she’s pushing me” and the girl looked a little surprised but we could tell they enjoyed the attention. My boyfriend told him, “Well you’re pushing my girlfriend and that’s not okay.” which lead to the guy apologizing to him. If my boyfriend hadn’t stopped and noticed I was going to cuss out that guy myself. While this was happening my boyfriend’s little brother told him not to get mad. LMAO My boyfriend does NOT take shit from anyone and he doesn’t let anyone do anything to me EVER. A minute after that this girl who was walking next to me says, “I don’t even know why Johnny was acting like that, he’s perfectly fine he’s sober. He just wants to get out faster.” As soon as I heard that I looked at her with a straight face and said, “He’s a dick.” After another 3 minutes of walking we were out of the crowd and headed back to the parking lot. We stopped at the port a potty’s to pee before getting in the car. We walked a minute and found our car then we drove for an hour and half to our hotel in Los Banos.  We arrived at our hotel at 1:30 am, we wanted to stop somewhere to eat, but nothing was open. Thankfully my boyfriend’s mom had asked if I wanted enchiladas earlier that morning to which I replied with “YES”…enchiladas are my favorite Mexican dish. We checked into the hotel, grabbed our necessities and went straight to our room. We took showers and got ready for bed. We ate the enchiladas, prepared our stuff for the next morning and then went to sleep.

Trip Back Home

We woke up that Monday morning June 25, at 8am and had to be out on the road by 9am because I had to be at work by 12pm. We got ready, packed all of our belongings and checked out of the hotel. I was tasked with checking out of the hotel and after doing so, as I was leaving the hotel and waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up a strong gust of wind came and it blew my dress up revealing my underwear to anyone in the distance. Guess who saw? Out of all people my boyfriend was one of them. LOL We drove to the nearest gas station and filled up our tank. Then we drove to Carl’s Jr. to get breakfast and we were on our way home. Our journey home was 2 and a half hours away. We left a half hour of time just in case we needed it. We were good on time until a few trucks slowed us down. We stopped at another gas station when we got to town to fill up our tank again then we headed to my workplace. I got to work at 11:45am and went to my office at 11:55am. I was greeted by my coworkers and they asked about my trip and I was exhausted.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved our 2nd anniversary! I had a lot of fun and made great memories with my boyfriend. Although I had trouble with using google maps a few times, we did get to our destination and my boyfriend and I didn’t have any fights. Mooyah’s was worth all the hype my boyfriend gave it. The concert wasn’t great, but I did enjoy myself once Post Malone came on. My only complaint is how the concert was organized there was no security where our seats were and no announcements throughout the concert for performers and intermissions. The hotel had a nice bed and we all slept comfortably.

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  1. It sounds like you had such a great time! It was very sweet of you to take your boyfriends brother as well. I love anniversaries that are cute and simple like this. Congratulations on two years 😊😊😊

    1. Thank you Janita! I was glad his brother had a good time. I like these types of anniversaries too, we’re two for two so far. 😊😊😊

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