Music You’re Sleeping On

Hey guys! I recently got speakers for my computer at work which has been LIFE changing because I haven’t been able to listen to music at work for about a month. I wanted to start this new series on my blog to share my music taste with you. When people ask me about my music taste I don’t get a lot of “oh yeah that’s awesome I love them and their album too.” I tend to butt heads with people over my music taste, until I recommend songs which people aren’t aware of because it’s not their favorite genre.

My music taste consists of alternative rock, EDM, pop and rap. My favorite radio station is 104.1 which you can listen to here. 

While listening to this station I discovered this AWESOME song which will be the first song I’m sharing with you guys. Let me know what you think and other songs you know of that are similar.

Listen to the song : Broken- Lovely The Band by clicking this link. 

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