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July’s Goodwill Haul

Every few months or so I pack up clothes and stuff I no longer need and make a trip to the goodwill to give a donation. I feel better about myself knowing that I’m getting rid of unnecessary clutter and that my stuff will be used by someone else. Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to donate two chairs we found last year. The chairs were perfect for our breakfast bar, but we haven’t used those chairs for a year now. When guests come, they don’t sit in them and I used to sit there and eat my meals, but now that I’m working all the time or at school I usually sit at my kitchen table.

My boyfriend and I went straight to the donating side of the store so we could donate our chairs first. After we donated, we went into the store and looked around. We’re always on the look out for furniture because I’d like a dresser either big or small, just something to store more clothes in while also being big enough to hold other things on top like a mirror. While we were there I saw a little table which I didn’t take a picture of, but it was very small and only $5, but after examining it closely I decided not to get it because I would have liked it to have less markings and scratches on the wood.

I was on the lookout for clothes which I always am specifically a dress for an upcoming wedding I’m going to attend in a few weeks. While looking at the dress rack I actually found a dress in a style I liked and in my size. We went on to look around the store more to see what else we could find, I also found a pair of comfy sweat pants to wear around the house since fall is around the corner and I’ve been loving my yoga pants since I bought them.

Cut Out Dress by O’ Neill


We also found a storage bin that was only $2.99. We almost bought a vacuum, but it didn’t charge when we plugged it in to test it. That would have been a good deal because it was a high powered dirt devil vacuum for $5 which was a STEAL.

I also found a pair of brown ankle boots which would be perfect for work since I hate wearing flats, heels and wedges 5 days a week. The flats, heels and wedges are fine but having to wear them for 8 hours a day was NOT working for me. The ankle boots are SO much more comfier.

In total I spent $17, but my dress and pants were half off and for getting the shoes under $10 I was very satisfied!

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