5 Ways to show Affection

5 Ways to show Affection

You know that feeling you get when someone tells you, “I have a surprise for you” well here’s how to spread that feeling to someone in your life. Whether that be your significant other, friend, parent, relative, pet, child and the list goes on. I love surprises and always love the everlasting impression they leave you for the years to come.

I’ll always remember this little surprise plan my best friends had for me at the time which included cupcakes, balloons, presents and hugs! It was so sweet and so meaningful. I treasure handmade gifts and the time that people dedicate to me. That’s where these ideas came from.

Cards. Handmade cards, and store bought cards with messages written in them will never go out of style for me. Receiving cards along with my presents mean more to me that the gift itself crazy enough. To me the words last forever, while the gift could fade away sooner than later.

Flowers. The next time you’re at the grocery store, stop and add a flower or bouquet to your basket or cart for someone important in your life. Receiving flowers out of the blue can really make someone’s day and giving it to them at work, school, home and in front of others could mean even more to them depending on the person. Regardless of where you give the person a single flower or a bouquet they’ll enjoy the gift!

A Nice Meal. This past Valentine’s Day was mine and my boyfriend’s first Valentine’s Day together where we were actually physically together on the day since we were no longer in a long distance relationship. The main part of Valentine’s Day was him preparing a romantic dinner for us. He lit candles, spread stickers (he couldn’t find rose petals) on the ground and he poured us wine. It made me feel incredibly special that day. All the effort he put into the meal was priceless. Creating a meal for someone is something they’ll never forget. If you don’t know any easy recipes then I highly suggest watching tasty on youtube because their recipes are super easy and affordable to follow!

Picture Collage. Pictures capture the moments we don’t want to forget and some that we often forget due to the time that has passed. Creating a picture collage is one way you could show your love, appreciation and devotion to someone. When my boyfriend and I were long distance he actually made me an entire poster board which had a quote that represented our long distance relationship. It made me cry, and I loved that poster. I would wake up everyday smiling at it because it just made me happy every time I saw it. It made me feel better and closer to him at the time.

Anything Handmade. You can make anything and I guarantee you if the person you make it for loves you they will truly appreciate all of your effort. I’ve come up with some crazy ideas for Valentine’s Day because I love crafts and spoiling my boyfriend. I found a mailbox at Dollar Tree two years ago and I decided to cut out a bunch of hearts and write down things I loved about my boyfriend and put them in the mail box so he could open them up and read them. I also made him a handmade card and wrote a heartfelt message in it. I’ve given him little photo collages of us in a picture frame that I’ve decorated.

The Classic Event. This is where you plan a part of the day to take someone out to a restaurant and spoil them with their favorite food and spend time with them while also surprising them with a gift later or just having the whole day together. Having a planned evening means a lot more to people than some might think. Back when my boyfriend and I first started dating, he planned to take me on a picnic at the park. It was the sweetest thing, and he brought a picnic basket, he bought my favorite chips, prepared us lunch, brought a flower in a vase, a table cloth and once it was finally time for him to make me a sandwich he forgot the lunch meat. LOL The main ingredient regardless we had a wonderful time at the park that day. We fed the ducks, talked and enjoyed each other’s company while eating the snacks he brought for us.

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  1. I agree, it’s so important to show people how much you appreciate them. My husband and I always leave little notes for eachother. It really does make our days!

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