How To Get Small FREEBIES!

How To Get Small FREEBIES!

While scrolling through Instagram, I saw that one of my friends was showing this box of free sample products she received from a company so she could do reviews on them. I thought it was cool that she had received those products and all she had to do was write reviews on them. I thought it would be a great way to get products to write reviews on as well and feature them on my blog.

So her post inspired me to look for freebie websites, and I knew I was already a part of one, because I get emails so often. The two websites I use to get free things are and 

Personally, I prefer using because there’s always free stuff on there. The only downside is, it takes a few weeks to a month or two before you receive your free products. I personally don’t mind it because I don’t have to participate in those mind-numbing surveys that ask you a billion questions about your personal life and family in order for you to “qualify” for a certain category to then receive products. I’ve been going on these websites since March and I’ve accumulated so pretty cool things like 2 magazine subscriptions of my choosing out of like 10 options, which were People and Entertainment Weekly.  I’ve also received trial sizes of new shampoos from Garnier and other brands that I’ll be receiving soon. I’ve also received some salon pas for free which can be expensive and a little packet of Emergen-C. The other downside for using this website is so many people will claim the offer, that even though the offer is listed you won’t be able to get it. Don’t get too excited for every single offer you see, and they’ll also feature plenty of coupons. My tips for using this website are to be patient, but to check twice a week if possible if not once every few weeks to see if there are any products you’d be interested in. I have been able to request items from Loreal, Garnier, Dove and a few other beauty brands. This can also come in handy for parents because there is a category section where you can select specific items to look for making your search easier and saving you time. I have seen formula and diapers featured on the website.

Now for, it’s a little harder to get free products. It requires patience and dedication which I don’t have anymore for this website and similar websites. I decided to feature it because it might work out for someone else. This one is more survey based and depending on the amount of surveys you do and your answers, you’ll receive a free box of goodies to review. It has a good concept, the only things I don’t like are that it’s very demanding asking you of surveys and it also prefers very personal information. It’s kind of like Influenster, but I think less people use this website compared to Influenster. I think this website would be better than if you actually received the goodie box guaranteed, because then you would get more things to your preference and it comes faster compared to

Overall, I recommend using both sites, but especially and on there’s also possible collaborations listed where you can review products and have them continuously sent to your preferred address making you one of the firsts to try new products. I also want to note, that you should be comfortable giving out your address to receive these products. It was something I was a little hesitant to do at first, but after a while I decided to try it and see what would happen. I don’t think I’ll look for any other websites, but I might change my mind in the future. If I come along anything else, I’ll be sure to share them with you. Be sure to share your experiences with me if you end up trying either website.

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