Tips on utilizing LinkedIn

Tips on utilizing LinkedIn


Linkedin is a website that is structured similar to Facebook, but with the purpose of connecting users with employers and vice versa. I’ve had a Linkedin account since my first year of college. I decided to make my account because one of my professors suggested it and I wanted to learn the website before it came to the point where I would have a whole profile complete. I’ve had my account for a few years now and this summer was the most use I’ve had out of it.

Here are my tips for utilizing Linkedin:

  1. Tailor your resume for each job you’re applying too, and use different formats for each job. For instance have a different resume for similar fields but one resume for part time jobs and another resume for full time jobs. Highlight different experiences within each different type of resume you create. If you’re having trouble creating a resume I suggest using google docs or Microsoft office word’s pre-made formats. If you’d actually like help making a resume with feedback, I highly suggest going to your local community college in town, library, or university because each of these places provide resume seminars.
  2. Connect with as many people as you can by linking your social media so you add people you know. Also the more information you add, the more likely you’ll find someone who attended the same school as you, worked along side you.
  3. Apply to as many jobs as you can and updating your profile on Linkedin as often as possible.
  4. If emails are provided, send a cover letter to that person who posted the job on Linkedin which will make you stand out of all applicants.
  5. Be yourself during interviews. I personally ALWAYS wing my interviews. LOL Of course I research the position and look for information regarding the company background, but I always stay true to myself during interviews.
  6. Like pages of companies you’re actually a fan of and would to work at. Just from my like to the State Farm account on Linkedin, I received a message about a seminar State Farm was having on how to become an insurance agent.
  7. Make your objective clear on Linkedin on what specific job or field you’re looking to get into, that will determine how long employers will actually look at your account.
  8. Check your stats often and see how many searches you appear in, that should be telling you if you need to add more information or if you need to be a little more specific with your profile.
  9. While applying to jobs online, attend job fairs and connect with others to get your name out there so you can add these people on Linkedin and have a guaranteed contact in the future for positions you’re interested in.


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