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Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey guys, Bath and Body Works had their annual summer sale recently which started about 2 months ago I wanna say and now it’s coming to an end. I went to my local Bath and Body Works during the third week of the sale and my boyfriend and I bought 10 products, mostly hand soaps for our apartment. The last time we went was during their winter sale in December and we bought about 6 soaps at that time and those hand soaps lasted us about 6 months for just the two of us.

My boyfriend is actually the one who showed me this store and introduced me to the soaps. I was always aware of the brand in the past, but I couldn’t afford to spend $20 on soaps back then. Now that I’m in a more stable position and soaps are actually a necessity we do go to Bath and Body works and splurge now and then which is about 2 times a year starting this year. We’ve only gone once so far this year, but I know we’ll go again during their next sale.

Anyways on to our haul! We spent $47 on soaps ya’ll, if that’s not adulting I don’t know what is! We always go around picking our favorite scents and having the other one smell it to make sure we agree on what we’re getting. I also bought a body wash and body mist in the scent cucumber melon because I LOVE scents in cucumber and melon. We both love fruity scents.

These are the scents we are currently using and the peach one was actually marked for clearance so it only costed $1.47! The rest of the soaps were on sale for about $3 each and we bought 6 for $24 I think. We also wanted to buy a candle, but we couldn’t find the one scent we wanted which was Black Teakwood Mahogany. We love everything we bought, I especially love my cucumber melon mist and body wash!


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  1. Omg I love bath and body works! They have the best smelling stuff ever! I love the Cucumber Melon scent too, I’ve been using it since high school!


    1. DeannaSStilwell says:

      Yassss it’s my absolute favorite scent from them!!!!

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