Beats X Review

Beats X Review

My favorite headphones at the moment are the Beats X earphones. I know I know they’re expensive well, there is a way to get them for free! It still means spending a significant amount of money but these headphones would be the cherry on top of your purchase. You’ll find out one way to get them for free if you keep reading.

First Impression

When I first opened the box to my Beats X and set it up to connect to my phone’s bluetooth I was very careful. I loved the packaging, and it didn’t disappoint when unwrapping and opening it! It was very clean and sleek and I didn’t want to mess anything up after opening the box. I didn’t want to use them for the next few days because I didn’t want to overuse them even though I was excited to use them for so long. I also thought it was weird that the Beats didn’t go into my phone’s earphone jack although they are wireless. (Duh Deanna) I thought it was weird until I realized they are meant for going to the gym and working out and being able to do things and being handsfree.

Once I realized that then the design grew on me. They felt very comfortable from the first time I used them. Setting up the device to connect to my phone was super easy and took like 2 minutes. (I’m not even kidding you) The battery was already charged when I got them, but I still charged them after using them to make sure they wouldn’t die on me when I used them again in the future.

Display and Feel

The display looks very clean, durable and sleek. I love how the Beats feel, they are very soft, yet the band and actual earphones are quite strong. They don’t feel cheap in any way or feel fragile. I have my Beats in Blue because that’s one of my favorite colors and I love how they look in blue compared to basic black and white. Especially white, because Apple’s original earphones are only in white and although with the design they look different I love that mine are Blue!


Quality of Sound

The quality of the sound through the earphones is great. When using the earphone you have to make sure they fit in your ear tightly so they don’t move around because they can when you’re on the go. It takes me a minute or two in the beginning of my workout to adjust them so they’re very comfortable for the rest of my workout. The sound quality doesn’t disappoint at all.


Beats X has amazing battery life lasting up to 8 hours without charging them. The earphones can go from 0% to I wanna say 20% in 5 minutes which allows you to use them for 2 hours. The battery life is amazinggg I rarely charge my Beats X because I usually only use them for an hour a day. If it’s been a week or so then I’ll charge them for an hour and then unplug them. Charging them is easy and it came with a charger too which is cool. The charger is the Iphone charger aka the lightening cord which is easy to purchase if you ever need another one.  I personally don’t have a problem with where the charging port is placed on the earphone, but I have seen some complaints in reviews because people were concerned with water and sweat getting into it. I think it’s in a nice spot and I don’t think sweat and water can do a lot of damage if it’s minimal. When you’re at the gym or working out most of your sweat ends up on your clothes so I wouldn’t worry about the charger. The device connects to your cellphone’s bluetooth so you can listen to all of the music on your phone handsfree. You can also use the device for phone calls. There is also a side button where you can call Siri and adjust the volume.


The Beats X retail for $149.95 in the Apple store and online which you can see here.   I know the Beats X are expensive, BUT to me they are so much better than the regular Apple earphones that come with your phone because they aren’t plastic. Those hard plastic earphones hurt my eardrums because they are SOOO uncomfortable. After using the regular Apple earphones for a while and removing the earphones from my ear my ears are actually quite sore from using those earphones. I very much prefer my Beats X earphones because they are so much more comfortable and they have more features which make the expense worth it.

I think these earphones are really worth the price because of the features it provides and the durability. If you are an athletic person or very active and you love having music with you I would highly recommend these earphones. They provide the best quality and pretty affordable for the features it offers. I know $150 seems very overpriced but if you’re going to be sweating constantly and spending money on new earphones every few months you might as well invest into earphones made for your lifestyle. The water and sweat hasn’t had any negative effect on my Beats X and believe me we’ve had plenty of sweat touch them.

I actually want to try the Solo Beats Headphones, but they cost $300 so I’m just going to stick to my Beats X unless something in the future changes my mind and makes me want them.

How to get the Beats X for Free

That’s not the only way to get them though if you’re a student you can wait until summer which is almost over now and save up to buy a Mac, Macbook Air or Ipad and then you’ll get a pair of Beats X earphones for FREE with their summer student promotion. That’s actually how I got mine for free. I purchased the Ipad Pro for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and I got the Beats X for free which was a gift for me. 🙂

I had a difficult time getting the Beats X when picking up my order for the Ipad Pro which I can talk about if you guys are interested in another blog just let me know in the comments! It was nothing that would happen to you guys when trying to get the Beats X for free, mine was just a special case with how I ordered the Ipad.


These earphones are definitely created with the intention of lasting a few years. The material is very nice and seems very strong and I haven’t had a problem with anything and I’ve had them for almost a year now. I don’t use them that often, but my boyfriend does since he prefers to use them and we share them.


I don’t use mine everyday…because I don’t go to the gym everyday. Besides not going to the gym often, I’m usually at work or at my university therefore not allowing me to use them. However, in my down time I do enjoy using them when I’m at the gym and having me time. My boyfriend however loved to use them when he’s driving or he did until now since he has a better handsfree method now. He preferred using them in the car over putting his phone on speaker because the quality of the call was better instead of being too loud on his phone. By using the beats his hands were free and it allowed him to concentrate on driving and his call. He loves using them at the gym and he would use them when waiting for his class to start when he was at the university waiting for the professor.

Overall Thoughts

I’m very happy with my Beats X earphones and am extremely happy I got them for free with the purchase of my Ipad Pro. (Technically my boyfriend’s but you know what I mean) I love the color and simplicity of the product, but also the fact that it’s durable and has more uses than I initally thought. The quality of my music and phone calls is great. The battery life is amazing and I love using my Beats X earphones because they are so comfy and there’s no string touching my body only my chest.

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