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Outfit Inspiration: Edgy

One of my favorite fashion styles is edgy and I’ve been looking for more edgy clothes pieces for date night and for when I go back to college for my last semester! I love black and have loved black since 7th grade, what can I see the angsty teenager in me hasn’t died yet. I love painting my nails black and dark makeup. It’s one of the styles I always loved expressing myself with because it made me feel free from expectations.


Anyways onto the pieces, I love doing my hair straight but I did two different hairstyles to mix it up a little. Although I love curly hair, specifically kinky curls I don’t like using products on my hair and have always preferred to style my hair the natural way it is. I didn’t really experiment in high school like most girls did. I barely got a straightener in high school let alone a curling iron. I didn’t even know how to curl my hair in high school and I barely do now.


Edgy makeup goes to the eyes all the way and starts with dark eyeshadows like smokey eyes and using black eyeshadows. Then adding bold eyeliner colors like blue, silver, gray, purple, and the classic black and mascara for dramatic eyes. I’ve really been into using highlighter lately because I love my highlighter so I’ll add a little bit of that and subtle blush since being pale looks better for edgy makeup to me personally.


I like wearing my hair up, I think it’s more dramatic to wear your hair down so it can look crazy, wild and unattainable specifically when curly. If you have bangs wear them down, blunt bangs scream edgy in my opinion and that’s one of the reasons I loved having my bangs cut in that style. I think having your hair super sleek and perfect also shows edginess it’s up to your preference.


I like wearing 2 earrings on each ear because I think it shows more accessories and stands out more. If you don’t have 2 ear piercings you can wear clips on and ear cuffs which are very stylish and pretty comfortable

Everything Together

Here are the completed looks I came up with and all of my ideas put together. Which outfit do you like better?



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