What’s in my bag?

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so here ya go. Look inside my bag and see what I carry around. Here’s my favorite “What’s in my bag?” video from my favorite Youtuber, Weylie. I carry a purse pretty much everywhere except for when I attend my classes most of the time. I’ll occasionally take a large purse with all of my belongings to class, but that’s only once a week or so.

My current bag is this lovely black small crossbody which I’ve been using since last month (Early August). I bought it for $8 at Shein.com which is an online store that is really popular and only growing. I’ve bought a few things from Shein this past summer and you can see some of my previous purchases just in case you’re curious about the brand.

I thought this bag would be bigger because that was how it was shown in the pictures. So I would say be careful of the sizes you think your products are. I was warned in the comments, but I was still hoping the bag would be large enough to fit my essentials.

However, this bag is deceptively huge for a tiny thing. It fits all of my belongings and there’s still room in my purse to allow everything to breathe. I really like this purse because it’s a nice size and super comfortable to wear. I did change the purse’s strap because it wasn’t as long as I had desired. Thankfully I had saved the strap from my old black purse from Forever21 that’s the one that’s featured in the pictures. My previous purses always end up getting worn out quickly after a few months. Luckily this black bag is sturdy and the perfect size for going out and it’s held up pretty well for the past month.

Here’s my bag!

As you can I carry my wallet which I use everyday lol as we all do. I try to carry gum because I like having it when I’m at work it provides entertainment sometimes and helps me with my cravings. I carry Altoids just in case I run out of gum.

I carry my cellphone which isn’t pictured, but I have the Iphone X which you can learn more about here. My reading glasses are needed because your girl can’t see everything clearly after using a computer at work for long hours. I always bring my fitness watch just so I always have it in case I end up going to the gym. The great thing about the watch is even if it’s not on my wrist, it’s still counting my steps which is nice. My keys which are attached to my League of Legends lanyard which aren’t featured in the picture. My pepper spray goes everywhere with me since you never know what could happen. I’ve always carried pepper spray with me since I turned 18 years old. I think you can never be too careful. Lastly my powder foundation, matte liquid lipstick, lipgloss and chapstick which are in case I need a touch up on my makeup.

My favorite thing in my purse is my wallet lol because that’s what I use the most. My cellphone isn’t featured in the picture, but I do carry it in there and it fits great! I also love my purse can fit my glasses case without any trouble because my other two crossbody purses can’t fit my glasses case.

What’s your favorite thing in your bag? What’s your favorite purse brand?

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  1. im always so intrigued to know whats in peoples bags!! I love this post and the rest of your blog! so clear and neat! you go girl!x

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