Blog Update & Youtube Channel

Blog Update & Youtube Channel

Hey guys! I’m back with something new and I’m trying to get caught up with more hobbies since I’ve been stressed lately. I’m going to start making videos and uploading them onto my youtube channel. I had a lot of fun making my first video and I’d love to connect with others through my passions. I’m going to get back to creating more for myself and just throw myself into projects.

Blog Update

My blog is going to be slowing down a bit and I’ll be posting on Monday’s and Friday’s from now on. I’ll be doing Blogtober and Blogmas so I’m preparing for those. I’m also super excited for OCTOBER. It’s my birth month, the weather changes and holidays are right around the corner. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FOR OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s my first youtube video:


I will try to post a video once a week maybe once every 2 weeks since I am trying to take care of myself more and work on my blog. It would mean a lot if you guys watched and liked or left a comment! I don’t have a set schedule for my youtube channel yet because I’m still learning about the work behind it. Once I have things figured out I will update you guys.

Thank you for reading and supporting me!

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