10 things to do before Graduating

10 things to do before Graduating

I am finishing my second round of college in December and I will walk across stage for my graduation in May 2019. Besides being beyond excited and stressed, I have some ideas on what I should accomplish for my own record before leaving university for a while or forever. I just want to record my journey so I can look back and remember the adventures I had in college, besides all the stress and crying LOL.

Here is my list:

  1. Take pictures with friends, coworkers, professors and people who were apart of my journey. I want to be able to tell stories about these people and our encounters.
  2. Take pictures of campus, so I can have a record for the future and see how different it is later. I also want to be able to show my kids. I plan on having candid photos of myself at all the places where I spent most of my time.
  3. Go to more campus events because I don’t want any regrets!
  4. Buy more clothes and stuff from my university.
  5. Take pictures of my grades and my papers with the grades I got back.
  6. Join a club and make a few friends to stay in touch with later.
  7. Talk to more people during my last semester, make more connections before leaving especially professors for future references.
  8. Participate in more campus contests and take advantage of campus events.
  9. Keep a journal and record something for each day that happened during my last semester or year.
  10. Create a photo album for all of these pictures.
  11. Decorate my cap for my graduation.
  12. Plan for my future by looking at schools and jobs I might be interested.

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  1. It’s always good to plan! College graduation is a great time but for me it was also a time of anxiety because of the transition, so being prepared with a written list of what you need to do really helps.

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