My Favorite Shows

My Favorite Shows

My summer is officially over and now most of the shows I’ve been watching have officially ended so on that note I’m going to share my favorite shows! I can’t stop rewatching these shows because they’re so nostalgic and they make me feel good. I like having background noise when I’m blogging and when I’m trying to destress. I’m also in my twenties so it just makes me feel good that my life isn’t all that put together since everyone’s lives are always changing in each of the shows I watch.

First off,

Sex and the City- I can’t get over this show it’s just too good. The bond between the four different friends and how they always end up sticking together and supporting one another. My favorite character is Samantha because how can you not? She’s a feminist and she has the most confidence regarding her sexuality. I love that she owns everything and isn’t afraid to accept herself especially in front of her friends. I also love Charlotte because she’s very proper and she also sticks to her morals and her beliefs, but I love Samantha more because she’s more adaptive with the times and how things are constantly changing.

Friends- Now that I’m about to graduate from college, I couldn’t relate to this show more! Changing jobs, moving and growing closer in a relationship. I relate to Monica and Rachel the most. I loved Rachel the most growing up, but I’ve come to realize I’m a Monica. Rachel is my favorite character though she’s so bubbly, pretty, and relatable. She has the hardest time making it on her own which is what I’m going through right now although it has been a good journey so far. I’m definitely a Monica because I love order and cleaning and having a plan!

Rugrats-This is my favorite childhood show since Arthur. I love watching it on Nickelodeon especially Nick at Nite. It just brings back so many memories and makes me feel like a kid again and like time hasn’t gone by. My favorite character is Tommy of course and then Kimi because she’s one of the only Female Asian characters I saw growing up. I loved that Kimi is just as bold as Tommy, basically the girl version in my opinion.

Younger- I just finished season 5 yesterday and there was so many things I wasn’t expecting! My favorite character is Liza because I just feel for her as a viewer. I’m always rooting for her and I want her to succeed. I loved Kelsey played by Hilary Duff, but then she became unlikable to me. I won’t say why so no spoilers are given.

What’s your current favorite show?

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