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My Last Semester of College Update!!! Blogmas Day 13

My Last Semester of College Update!

Today I woke up exhausted because this week, no this month has just been super busy for me. I’ve had the stomach flu on Thanksgiving, I’ve been working on the weekend and I’ve been trying to do my best in all of my classes. I have project after project and now I’m almost at the finish line. On my way to work I started thinking about how I want to decorate my graduation cap and how excited I am!!!

Then I realized I have two days and this journey ends, my college career is finished for now. I immediately started to cry and I’m just in disbelief that I’ve made it this far. This journey has been the most difficult experience I’ve had to endure for the last 5 years. These past 2 years being the most difficult of it all. My parents didn’t support me all that much, I’ve been working for the past 2 years basically to support myself and now I’m graduating. I’ll be walking the stage next May and on my transcripts before the end of the year it’ll say Degree: Bachelors of Science: Business Administration Concentration in Management. I’m gonna cry that day I see that too.

This chapter is closing and I’m excited and terrified of what’s to come next because it’s mostly unknown. I’ll keep you guys posted on the new updates in my life.

Did I accomplish anything from my previous post with some goals I had that I wanted to finish before graduating? Let’s find out!

Taking pictures? I did take pictures of me in class and of what my classes looked like and the library where I spent most of time. I got enough pictures of where I spent most of my time, not so many of friends or classmates. I spent most of my time studying if not working and then trying to keep everything organized.

Managed work school life social life mental health? I did have a grip on my work life and school life because it was easy in the beginning. My mental health was up and down this whole semester, because there was so much stress with my exams and my

Organized everything? I organized everything to the best of my ability and followed my plans in my planner as best as I could which worked out pretty well. I made plans to study and meet up with classmates and studying and trying to work as many hours as I was scheduled so I wouldn’t miss out on hours that I wanted.

Wrote in a journal? I did write in my journal for about half of the semester and then I got super busy with midterms and holidays and life! So I haven’t finished my journal, but I plan to title a bunch of pages and finish it up before the year ends. I would highly recommend taking the time to write in a journal to recap your day to day journey.

Came up with some ideas for decorating my graduation cap? I was thinking about this today and I actually came up with what I want it to say, but I’m still working out all of the details on the design. I hate that I only get one cap so it has to be perfect!!!!?!!? I’m super stoked to decorate it and share my graduation cap with you guys!

When do you graduate? Will you be documenting your college journey?


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