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    Blog Update & Youtube Channel

    Hey guys! I’m back with something new and I’m trying to get caught up with more hobbies since I’ve been stressed lately. I’m going to start making videos and uploading them onto my youtube channel. I had a lot of fun making my first video and I’d love to connect with others through my passions. I’m going to get back to creating more for myself and just throw myself into projects. Blog Update My blog is going to be slowing down a bit and I’ll be posting on Monday’s and Friday’s from now on. I’ll be doing Blogtober and Blogmas so I’m preparing for those. I’m also super excited for…

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    The New Era of Ariana Grande: Sweetner

    Last Friday, Ariana Grande’s fourth album, Sweetner was released! Since then a few records have been broken, such as Spotify streaming and most downloaded, and she recently won best pop video at the VMA’s! Whoo get it GIRL! My first impression of the album was it wasn’t going to be as good as her last three albums. There were reports earlier this year and last year that her next album (this album) will be her best album. It was rumored that Pharell was producing her newest album. Honestly, I think each of her albums has raised her potential and showed off her voice in a new way. I personally love…

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    My Movie Pass Experience

    I’ve had Movie Pass since February, and I was thinking about cancelling it this month after the company announced changes. I haven’t cancelled my membership yet, but if I do I’ll update you guys. Movie Pass is a subscription for people who go to the movies often like myself. The subscription originally costs $49.99 a month and you get to watch one movie a day at any time and all you have to do is pick the movie on your movie pass app. Back in February 2018, earlier this year MoviePass had a sale and dropped their prices to $9.99 a month and they made it more affordable for people…

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    How To Get Small FREEBIES!

    While scrolling through Instagram, I saw that one of my friends was showing this box of free sample products she received from a company so she could do reviews on them. I thought it was cool that she had received those products and all she had to do was write reviews on them. I thought it would be a great way to get products to write reviews on as well and feature them on my blog. So her post inspired me to look for freebie websites, and I knew I was already a part of one, because I get emails so often. The two websites I use to get free…

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    5 Ways to show Affection

    You know that feeling you get when someone tells you, “I have a surprise for you” well here’s how to spread that feeling to someone in your life. Whether that be your significant other, friend, parent, relative, pet, child and the list goes on. I love surprises and always love the everlasting impression they leave you for the years to come. I’ll always remember this little surprise plan my best friends had for me at the time which included cupcakes, balloons, presents and hugs! It was so sweet and so meaningful. I treasure handmade gifts and the time that people dedicate to me. That’s where these ideas came from. Cards.…

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    Music You’re Sleeping On

    Continuing the series here’s the next song that’s been stuck in my head recently. The band recently had rumors of breaking up, but then this song came out so those rumors were put to rest for a while. Hope you’re happy-Blue October  I like the lyrics especially because I’m a sucker for sad songs. Even though I’m in a happy relationship, break up songs really resonate with me for some strange reason. Enjoy.

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    NA LCS: My Experience

    One of the first things I learned about my boyfriend is he loved playing League of Legends and his favorite team is C9 also known as Cloud 9. My boyfriend has been playing the online game for 5 years now. Last summer he started teaching my friend and I how to play. I haven’t really played since then, but I plan to get back into it once my other hobbies calm down. When we first starting dating we planned to attend a league event. We’ve been dating for 2 years now and we bought our tickets to NA LCS this past May for games that would take place on June…

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    May Favorite TV shows

    Hey guys it’s the middle of June so here are my favorite shows from May. This month I finished a few series that I highly recommend. I also got cable and I have been loving it although I’ve had to adjust getting used to commercials again, but that’s mainly because I’m not watching cable on my tv and on my Mac instead. I haven’t been able to watch on my television because it’s not setup yet. On to the shows! Suits I started watching Suits last summer and I’ve been waiting to catch up with the most current season which is season 7. Rachel and Mike are my favorite characters…

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    My Spotify Playlist

    Hey guys, I’m trying to make the most of this last day in May to meet my May goals so here’s my last blog post for the month. I thought I would share my current Spotify playlist because I just started using Spotify recently. I bought my first Iphone in November, it was my boyfriend’s Iphone 6 plus. He had just upgraded to the Iphone X. It’s been an adjustment from having an Android to owning an Iphone. I love my Iphone and am truly grateful my boyfriend sold me his because there was no way I was going to be able to afford a phone that cost hundreds of…

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    April’s TV Series

    As a young and broke twenty-two year old, I thought I’d share some of the shows I’m currently watching. I highly recommend HULU, it’s the easiest place for me to find shows to watch besides regular television. I don’t know about you guys, but I will scroll through Netflix for at least 30 minutes to an hour and still go back to rewatching a series I’ve seen a million times because of the lack of choices. With Hulu I have had the exact opposite problem which is I’ve been able to find a billion shows to watch. Currently I have been watching: Grey’s Anatomy I love Meredith, Miranda, Jackson, and…